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Genetically Modified Crops in the Food Supply: The Threat to Your Health

The case against genetically modified (GM) crops has been growing for years.  While there are no long-term studies on the health effects of eating food from GM crops, even short-term studies have raised very troubling questions .... more

FDA Acts on Food Safety Bill

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently
issued the first new rules under the Food Safety
Modernization Act (FSMA), meeting the initial deadlines imposed by ....more

FDA & NMPF Meddling Again in State Raw Milk Bills

While there is a federal ban on raw milk for human consumption in interstate commerce, the states are left to decide for themselves whether to legalize the intrastate sale or distribution of raw milk......more

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Third Maine Town Passes Landmark Local Food Ordinance
On Saturday, April 2, Blue Hill became the third town in Maine to adopt the
Open Letter to FDA's Dairy Head, John Sheehan
I have to give you credit, Mr. Sheehan, for playing your cards close to your
FTCLDF Case Updates
Here is a review of some of the cases currently being handled by the Farm-to
State Raw Milk Legislation
A number of raw milk bills have been introduced in the state Houses in the
FDA's Response to Suit over Interstate Raw Milk Ban
On April 26, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sub-
Free Raw Milk Production Handbook & DVD
Food safety and optimal nutrition aren’t mutually exclusive goals according to
MN: MDA Considers Criminal Prosecution of Consumer
On December 10 Rae Lynn Sandvig, a Bloomington raw milk and local food
Pasteurized Milk Mustache
Most people have heard of the "Got Milk?" and milk mustache advertising