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Media Contact:  Kimberly Hartke, Publicist  703-860-2711, cell 703-675-5557

May 1, 2008 --Mt. Holly, PA--    Raw milk supporters will rally in support of of dairy farmer Mark Nolt’s constitutionally protected right to direct farm-to-consumer sales without permits or government interference. 

The Mennonite father of ten’s farm was raided by police and department of agriculture officials on April 25.  Nolt was led away in handcuffs while agents confiscated over $25,000 worth of cheese along with parts of his processing equipment.

The rally will take place on Monday May 5th, at 9:30 am Magistrates Office at 229 Mill Street, Mt. Holly, Pennsylvania, where Mark Nolt’s hearing will occur.

“At a time when millions are starving, the theft and destruction of hundreds of pounds of nutritious cheese can only be described as obscene,” said Sally Fallon, President of the Weston A. Price Foundation, a nutrition education foundation that encourages the consumption of raw milk.

Demand for raw dairy products is on the rise, as increasing numbers of health minded consumers seek raw dairy to help resolve a number of maladies:  autism, asthma, allergies, ear infections, sinus infections, osteoporosis, lung disease, among them.  Because raw dairy is pro-biotic, cancer patients and others seeking to boost their immune system frequently use raw and fermented dairy products as an adjunct to other healing protocols.

Even with a permit, the State prohibits the sale of unpasteurized butter, cream, soft cheeses and yogurt.  A state permit for raw milk sales excludes ancillary raw dairy products, which are highly valued by these consumers.

Nolt is a dairy farmer who choses to operate without a state permit, because of his conviction that the US Constitution guarantees his freedom to sell by private agreement with his customers from his farm.

Nolt has been summoned to appear at Monday’s hearing to answer five charges related to selling raw milk and other dairy products without a state permit, In the previous incident, last August, the state seized $30,000 worth of products and packaging equipment

The rally is being sponsored by the Pennsylvania Independent Consumers and Farmers Association (PICFA) and the local chapters of the Weston A. Price Foundation.

Location: Just east of Carlilse, PA, off of Highway 81, take Mt. Holly Springs exit).

The following individuals are available for Press Interviews:

Jonas Stoltzfus, PICFA, Farmer  717-536-3618, cell 717-275-3016 

Maureen Diaz Weston A. Price Foundation, Consumer 717-303-3832