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What is happening to farming - and to your world.

by Linn Cohen-Cole     


I will keep this simple.  

Farming here and around the world is in terrible trouble.

Kissinger said control food, you control populations. 

Corporations are taking control of everything to do with food.  

In India, in the last 10 years since Monsanto and our big Ag corporations went in there, thanks to Clinton, the WTO, the IMF, the World Bank, 166,000 Indian farmers have committed suicide and 8 million have left (or be pushed off of) the land.  

Suicides occurred in the Midwest among our farmers as well.  Where there was once a rich farming life and real communities, it is corporate there now.  

Real farming, real families, real community life, are a memory.  

click here the pain of those farmers cling to the land.  

Watch http://www.aswesow.com/

It is your country that is at stake.  When you hear talk of NAIS or real milk and farmers pleading for no more regulations, please hear with a different ear.  It is your world that is being lost.

Farming is political.  Your farmers, your land - a once real and rich and cohesive world - have been stolen out from under you.  And those still holding on by a thread, and those trying to stage a rebirth, are being crushed by NAIS and other massive government (actually, corporate) regulatory laws under the name of food "safety."  

Farming is political.  Freedom and life itself are at stake.  

Contribute to this documentary film maker.  Join a farming group. Make this battle yours.