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Missouri - Raw Milk Bill Filed

State Representative Belinda Harris (D-Hillsboro) has filed a bill (HB 1901) to clarify a statutory exception to the general requirement that all milk and cream sold in Missouri be pasteurized.  Under the exception, consumers can buy raw milk and cream  at the farm and through delivery.  The state Milk Board sent letters to at least a six farmers last year claiming that those selling under the exception must obtain a permit from the Milk Board before doing so.  Rep. Harris' bill makes clear that those selling under the exception do not need a permit.

HB1901 has twenty-eight co-sponsors. Even if the bill does not pass it can already be looked upon as a success.  Rep. Harris recently met with Gene Wiseman, Executive Secretary of the Missouri Milk Board, and reports that the board has reversed its position on permit requirement.  The board's new stance is that one can sell under the exception without a permit.   Secretary Wiseman has even said that people afraid to sell under the exception because of the warning letters sent out last year can call his office at 573-522-3206 for reassurance that the permit is not required.  The Secretary also stated that those selling under the exception can advertise.

Despite the Milk Board's change of position, Rep. Harris still believed it best to file the bill to ensure that those selling under the exception will never need to have a permit.  Updates on the bill will be posted on this page.