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Breaking News on Raw Milk Grand Jury Probe!

April 3, 2008

Federal Grand Jury Subpoenas and Testimony dated April 3rd have been cancelled for OPDC and its Employees!

The Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund has received word from the U.S. Attorney's office in Fresno, California that the grand jury testimony of two Organic Pastures Dairy Company LLC employees has been cancelled for today.  The Legal Defense Fund's legal team had previously contacted the prosecutor's office and expressed a willingness to share documents and proffer other evidence so that the prosecution could make an informed decision about whether it was appropriate to proceed to grand jury at this time.  The cancellation of the grand jury testimony today was apparently in response to the Fund's actions.  At this time, therefore, the grand jury proceedings have apparently been temporarily suspended.


Since OPDC’s raw milk and raw colostrum meet and exceed FDA regulations, Mark McAfee, founder of OPDC was shocked by the lack of preparation that the prosecutors performed prior to issuing subpoenas and harassing a perfectly legal company.  “This is FDA raw milk harassment pure and simple”, said McAfee.  "We will now refocus on meeting and exceeding the needs of customers without this added burden. This FDA and Federal Grand Jury issue has been a distraction and a total waste of time. What the FDA fails to appreciate is that this government harassment tactic always back fires and stimulates our sales by further upsetting our consumers. “   Fund attorney Gary Cox stated "a proffer of evidence gives the prosecutor the opportunity to compare what we tell him with what his investigators tell him, and it may clear up any misunderstandings the Assistant U.S. Attorney may have on whether probable cause exists that a crime has been committed.  We hope he takes us up on our offer."


This is another Legal Defense Fund win for Claravale Dairy, OPDC and every Raw Milk Consumer in the USA.   Stay tuned as this situation develops.