Consumer Food Choices are at RISK! 

Wisconsin Raw Milk Bill 

Which would allow consumer access to raw milk products direct from Wisconsin Dairy Farms 

Wisconsin raw milk bill (AB 628) was introduced in the Assembly on December 18, 2009. 
The bill was referred to Committee on Rural Economic Development.

Wisconsin raw milk bill (SB 434) was introduced in the Senate on December 21, 2009. 
The bill was referred to Committee on Agriculture and Higher Education.

The Raw Milk Bill hearings 
for both the ASSEMBLY and the SENATE 
have been combined into one joint-hearing 

Wednesday - March 10, 2010 
10:00 am 

Chippewa Valley Technical College 
620 W. Clairemont Ave. 
Eau Claire, WI 54701 
Room 106/Auditorium 

When entering the main doors, continue straight until you come to the wall of pictures.  
Turn left; the Auditorium is on the right.

Parking is in the visitor lot at the southwest corner of the building and in the student lot across Clairemont Ave. 

We need people to show up at this Joint Public Hearing in support of the Raw Milk Bill. 

If we have any chance at all of getting this bill to pass, we must convince these two committees that YOU, the consumer, want it. Numbers speak – we need hundreds, if not thousands of people to be present at this combined hearing!  

Gather your friends, family, neighbors, etc., to attend this history-making event. 

If you would like to speak at the hearing, please enter that on your registration card when you enter.  You may be limited to 2-3 minutes.   It would be a good idea to have copies of your speech to the committee members.