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MN Raw Milk Bills Under Attack

Urgent Request for All Minnesotans
There is newly-introduced legislation that would ease and enhance access to raw milk and raw milk products in the state of Minnesota, and we need each of you to immediately contact your legislators to urge them to support the bills. Take Action Now!

Industrial food lobbyists are preparing an all-out assault to try to kill the bills beginning on Dairy Day February 15, and we need everyone to step up and speak up in support of this exciting and historic legislation.

The legislation (Senate Bill SF147 and House Bill HF255) greatly improves access to a product that is already legal in Minnesota, but that is severely restricted in how people are allowed to obtain it. 

Current law says you must obtain it at the farm. Thus, consumers must drive to farms, sometimes several hours in each direction, to get farm-fresh milk. This new legislation would allow farmers to deliver to farmers' markets, drop-off sites, private buying clubs and residences. The new bills as currently written include milk from cows, goats and sheep, and encompasses raw dairy products including milk, cream, butter, cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt and ice cream.

Minnesota legislators need to hear not only from raw milk drinkers but everyone interested in promoting access to wholesome, farm-fresh, local foods of our choice.

Time is of the essence, and we need to make our voices heard, repeatedly and persistently, this week and in the weeks ahead!

Please share this with everyone interested in promoting access to locally-grown, wholesome, farm-fresh foods of our choice. 


PLEASE contact Minnesota State Senators, House Representatives and Agricultural Committee Members in the following three ways:   

1. Call them.  Tell them you are a constituent and why supporting this bill is important to you (see Talking Points below, and links to identify your legislators).

2. Write letters to your Senate and House member, and copy their respective Agricultural Committee Chair (single page, hand-written letters get more notice than emails; use bullet points and see Talking Points below).  

3. Ask to meet with your Senator and Rep in person.  This can be a brief meeting at the State Capitol, or a meeting at a coffee shop, or at your or a friend's home with a small group of like-minded friends.  

In all cases, make it personal and positive for the greatest impact.  Bring your children if you meet in person.  Remember, your legislators represent you and your neighbors in your district and are genuinely glad to have direct input from individual constituents rather than paid lobbyists.  Do all of the above repeatedly if possible, and follow up later by sending them helpful articles, useful links, etc.  

Please share this Alert to other MN residents.
Time is of the essence.  


State where you live, why you drink raw milk and any benefits you have noticed. Share your passionate story about how it has helped you and your loved ones.

1. This bill makes it SAFER to obtain farm-fresh dairy products, eliminating the need for individuals, parents and families to drive long distances to obtain the food they choose for their families. 

2. This bill makes it EASIER and MORE EFFICIENT by consolidating points of purchase, using less gas, and saving wear and tear on roads and vehicles.

3. It would help smaller, family-scale farms, thereby supporting rural Minnesota economies.

4. It encourages mutually beneficial farmer-consumer relationships, as promoted in the national "Know Your Farmer" campaign.

5. It is less disruptive to hardworking farmers who now have to handle numerous customers' visits.

6. It reinforces sustainable farming, and since raw milk for human consumption is produced on pasture, it supports the animals, land, water and surrounding environment.

7. It creates food security in our state and supports freedom of food access in what we feed ourselves and our families.

8. Also, in this time of a budget crisis, not only does this bill NOT cost anything, it actually could SAVE our state government lots of money in enforcement due to the restrictive nature of the current law.

AVOID partisan remarks; AVOID bashing Big Ag (say only positive things about raw dairy); DO NOT discuss the Hartmann case which is a separate issue; if asked who should not drink raw milk, answer "only people who don't want to"; DON'T discuss federal food safety legislation S510 - this is about Minnesota only. This is about improving access to an already legal product in Minnesota.


Click here to find your Minnesota Legislators' names and addresses

Click here for Senate Ag Members or for Senate Agriculture & Rural Economies Committee

Click here for House Ag Members or for House Agriculture & Rural Development Policy and Finance Committee

If you would like some coaching on talking with your legislators, or if you would like a like-minded person to accompany you to the Capitol who is familiar with such meetings, please contact:

Greg Schmidt  612-386-4908 cell 
[email protected]

John Myser  952-226-2208 home; 651-341-3431 cell 
[email protected]

Susie Zahratka  651-329-8401 cell 
[email protected]

Kathryn Niflis Johnson
[email protected]

View the short, inspiring video of when the bill was introduced

This food freedom effort is supported by the Minnesota Natural Health Legal Reform Project. To learn more or donate, please visit  


Posted February 1, 2011

Rep. Sue Wallis
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Click here to find your Minnesota Legislators' names and addresses

Click here for Senate Ag Members or for Senate Agriculture & Rural Economies Committee

Click here for House Ag Members or for House Agriculture & Rural Development Policy and Finance Committee


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