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Bill # HJ731 Constitutional amendment; regulation of powers of General Assembly


UPDATE: HJ731 passed the full House last Tuesday, now it goes to the Senate Privileges and Elections Committee.

WHAT: Constitutional Amendment that authorizes the General Assembly to "suspend or nullify any or all portions of any" regulation, regardless of when the regulations are promulgated. When Assembly is not is session, standing committees would be authorized for same. This promises enormous positive effects for our efforts, as with the Scrapie regs.

The Senate Privileges and Elections Subcommittee is expected to vote on this early next week. Creigh Deeds is Chair of this committee. He has done much to help farmers in the past, please ask him to support this bill.

ACTION: Please IMMEDIATELY call and email the members of the subcommittee.

Ask them to VOTE FOR HJ 731.

Senate Privileges and Elections Sub-Committee
Creigh Deeds, (804) 698-7525, [email protected]
Stephen Martin, (804) 698-7511, [email protected]
Donald McEachin, (804) 698-7509, [email protected]
Ralph Northam, (804) 698-7506, [email protected]
Ralph Smith, (804) 698-7522, [email protected]
Kenneth Stolle, (804) 698-7508, [email protected]
Mary Margaret Whipple, (804) 698-7531, [email protected]

Language of the Amendment:
The General Assembly may suspend or nullify any or all portions of any administrative rule or regulation by joint resolution agreed to by a majority of the members elected to each house. When the General Assembly is not in a regular session, the standing committees of each house or the joint legislative commissions as designated by the General Assembly may suspend any or all portions of any administrative rule or regulation until the end of the next regular session.

Link to bill:

NOTE: Constitutional Amendments must pass a regular session of the Assembly following an election of Delegates, so if this amendment passes this session, it will have to pass again next year (there will be elections of delegates this November).

INFORMATION: Kathryn Russell 434.760.5514

Yours for food freedom,
Deborah Stockton, Editor
[email protected]
Virginia Independent Consumers and Farmers Association
Our purpose is to promote and preserve unregulated direct farmer-to-consumer trade that fosters availability of locally grown or home-produced food products.



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