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HR 2749 Action Alert - 061709 Hearing Update

More Information About HR 2749

Sign the “Oppose HR 2749” petition on the Fund website ( and send messages to your legislators through the petition system.

A further amended version of HR 2749 passed out of the Energy and Commerce Committee on June 17.  The bill next goes to House floor for a vote.  HR 2749 could be amended again before the vote takes place

The worst provisions of HR 2749 remain in the bill.  The latest version does, however, reduce the amount of civil fines that can be assessed against individuals and corporations; but the fines FDA can levy under the latest amendment are still substantial.

The bill has tightened the standards under which the federal government can quarantine food in a geographic area; but the Secretary of Health and Human Services is still given the power to impose a geographic quarantine without a court order. 

The latest version of HR 2749 can be found at

HR 2749 needs to be defeated!!  Please take action NOW. 

To contact your Representative, use the finder tool at  or send a message through the petition system at   Or call the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121.



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