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Keep updated on the USDA NAIS listening sessions. Click here for the a list of action alerts, press releases, public comments and testimonies from the farmers and consumers who have attended.


NAIS Listening Session Action Alert!

USDA held its first "listening session" about the National Animal Identification System (NAIS) in Pennsylvania last week.  The vast majority of people who attended the meeting told USDA to stop implementing this expensive, intrusive program.  The clear message was: NAIS will drive small farms out of business and burden every American consumer, and we don't want it! 
Please help send a strong message at the other federal listening sessions across the country!  It's going to take a lot of people speaking up loud and clear to keep a mandatory NAIS from being imposed on every livestock owner in America!  These listening sessions are a critical opportunity to get media attention on NAIS and demonstrate the level of opposition to the program.

For more information about NAIS: 


Louisville, Kentucky
Friday, May 22
Crowne Plaza, Louisville Airport, 830 Phillips Lane
Storrs, Connecticut
Wednesday, May 27
University of Connecticut, Storrs Campus-Bishop Center, One Bishop Circle
Loveland, Colorado   ***NEW LOCATION****
Monday, June 1
The Ranch, Larimer County Fairgrounds and Event Complex
5280 Arena Circle, Suite 100

The meetings will take place from 9 am to 4 pm.  Registration is from 8 am -9 am.
1) Bring written comments!  USDA has only scheduled 2 hours for public comment in the morning, so not everyone will have the chance to speak.  Bringing written comments gets your comments into the formal record. 

Sample comments available at:  

2)  If you want to speak, plan a short (3 minute) statement
3) The afternoon will consist of "facilitated sessions." This is another chance for you to speak your mind on the record!  Be prepared to politely disagree with the facilitator.  If they claim that a "consensus" has been reached with an answer that you don't agree with, say so!

4)  After the meeting, send your photos, videos, and comments to the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund at [email protected]  We'll post them on our website.

 1)  Pre-register online: Send an email to [email protected]  In the subject line of the e-mail, indicate your name (or organization name) and the location of the meeting you plan to attend. If you wish to present public comments, please include your name (or organization name) and address in the body of the message.
2)  Pre-register by phone: call 301-734-0799
3) Register on-site the day of the meeting, from 8 am - 9 am

You can also check USDA's website for more information:  
USDA is scheduling six more listening sessions between June 9 and June 25 in:

Jefferson City, Missouri
Rapid City, South Dakota
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Riverside, California
Tallahassee, Florida
Raleigh, North Carolina
Stay tuned for more details on these sessions!

Whether or not you can come to a meeting, you can submit written comments to USDA:

NAIS, Surveillance and Identification Programs
National Center for Animal Health Programs, VS, APHIS
4700 River Road, Unit 200
Riverdale, MD 20737
Although the USDA did not specify a deadline in its notice, a USDA official has stated that the deadline is Monday, June 1.

You can find sample comments at:    

Your physical presence at these meetings can make a difference!  Don't be discouraged by USDA's confirmation email, which says that public comment will be allowed based on a "lottery system," and that people should come early because there may not be enough seats.  Please come to the meeting!

With or without speaking, the more people who come to these meetings, the better.  We need the USDA, Congress, and the media to see how many people care enough about this issue to take off work to come!  By being at the meeting, you are making an impact!  Remember that the facilitated sessions in the afternoon are another chance to speak on the record.  And you can bring written comments to put into the record as well.
Help us pack the rooms with people at these sessions!

Remember to send your photos, videos, and comments to the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund at [email protected] so we can share them on our website!

With Regards,

Pete Kennedy, Esq.
Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund

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