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Call Gov. Doyle to sign Raw Milk Bill into Law

The RAW MILK BILL (SB 434) passed in both the Wisconsin Senate and the General Assembly and is now on its way to Governor Doyle to sign.

The Senate passed SB 434 on April 15 and the General Assembly passed the same on April 22 despite a last minute attempt to include several amendments.  The dairy lobby is pressuring Gov. Doyle to veto the bill.

The governor has fourteen days to sign or veto the bill; otherwise, it will pass into law without signature.  The bill would allow raw milk to be sold on the farm of licensed Grade A producers.

Every Wisconsinite is urged to call the office of Gov. Jim Doyle at 608-266-1212 and ask him to sign the Raw Milk Bill into law.  Please call every week until he signs the bill.


Pete Kennedy, Esq. – President
Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund


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