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Letters to Mr. Sheehan

April 27, 2010

John F. Sheehan, Director
Div. of Plant and Dairy Food
Office of Food Safety
Bldg. CPK-1 Rm. 3D-055
5100 Paint Branch
College Park, MD 20740

Mr. Sheehan,

Adults in the United States are capable of making their own decisions
about what type of milk we will buy for our families. The harassment
of Dan Allgyer by the FDA is inappropriate. If the laws are such that
your organization "has to" enforce the regulations than how about
overturning those laws that strip freedom from consumers and get in
the way of private enterprise.

The FDA's shameful stance on raw milk is ridiculous at best and
threatening to the basic freedom that this country was founded upon at
the worst.

Concerned in Hawaii


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