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Florida Food Freedom Act - Supporting Materials

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Resolution Supporting The Florida Food Freedom Act (S 1900)

Whereas, The Florida Food Freedom Act provides this state’s residents with unimpeded access to healthful food from known sources; and  

Whereas, The Florida Food Freedom Act encourages the expansion and accessibility of farmers’ markets, roadside stands, farm-based sales, and direct agricultural sales from the producer to the end consumer; and 

Whereas, The Florida Food Freedom Act allows consumers to shop for food with local businesses and farmers thus keeping more of the consumers’ dollars in the local community, providing what is known as the local multiplier effect of money [buying local keeps money in the local community and helps farms and ranches remain economically viable; for every dollar spent with a local company (or farmer), 45 cents stays in the community while for every dollar spent with a corporate chain, only 15 cents is reinvested in the local community]; and  

Whereas, The Florida Food Freedom Act helps local governments prosper by preserving farmland [the cost of public services used by open land or farmland is much lower than the cost of public services provided to land used for residential purposes; the median cost for every dollar of revenue raised (taxes collected) for working/open land use is just 36 cents in public services while for every dollar residential land use provides in taxes, it uses $1.16 in public services], enabling a community to more easily balance the budget when it has more farmland; and  

Whereas, the general public is increasingly interested in locally produced food, and the purchase and consumption of fresh and local agricultural products offers profit potential and economic opportunity for family farms; and 

Whereas, a viable agricultural sector in Florida represents part of a secure regional food supply, which leads to food security, energy and economic efficiencies; and 

Whereas, the sustainability of Florida local food systems depends on the relationship between the producer and the consumer [key aspects of such successful relationships include the producer’s integrity and the consumer’s interest in and knowledge of how the food is raised, harvested, and processed]; and 

Whereas, raising meat, dairy, eggs, fruits, and vegetables as close as possible to the kitchens of the end-user minimizes the carbon footprint of the entire food system and increases our food security;   

Therefore, let it be decreed that the duly elected/appointed officers of __________________________, on ________________ (date) endorse The Florida Food Freedom Act and urge the Florida Legislature to pass it into law by July 2010. 


Last edited 02/26/10


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