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Defending the rights and broadening the freedoms of family farms and protecting
consumer access to raw milk and nutrient dense foods.
Affiliate Memberships
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Affiliate Membership Program
The Affiliate Membership Program provides a new membership category for non-profit organizations and local food entrepreneurs that are changing the way America shops for food.  Affiliates include Farmer’s Markets, Farmer’s Market Associations, Sustainable Farming Organizations, CSAs, Buying Clubs and Food Co-ops.

Benefits to Affiliates
Unlimited access to 24/7 legal advice (for issues impacting the organization, not their specific members). Advice of counsel (either litigation support or legal representation, depending on the circumstances) for matters mutually beneficial to Fund and Affiliate. Savings for Affiliate to pass on to their members. Affiliate will receive a discount code, which will provide their members a savings of 20% for the first year of Fund membership. Discounted membership - $100 farmers and $40 consumers (based on 2009 fees) Affiliate can have the Fund lobby on its behalf when such lobbying is consistent with the Fund’s mission statement and purpose. Affiliate may barter up to 50% of their membership fee in exchange for providing the Fund with free/reduced exhibit fees, collaborative communications or advertising (web or print).                                                                                              

Membership Fees

Number of Members

Membership Fee

1 – 100

$250 ($125 + Barter of $125)

101 – 1,000

$500 ($250 + Barter of $250)

1,001 – 10,000

$750 ($375 + Barter of $375)

10,000 – 100,000

$1,000 ($500 + Barter of  $500)

The Affiliate Member application will be online by September 1, 2009. All applications for membership are subject to approval.