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Ron Paul Introduces Bill to End Interstate Raw Milk Ban
Sign the Support HR 778 Now petition!

This is a consumer freedom of choice issue.  Print the Hardcopy petition to collect signatures at club meetings, farmers markets, food pick-ups, malls, your neighborhood, etc.  Distribute the 2-sided HR 778 HandoutClick here to view it in HTML.

HR 778 Talking Points

Supporters of the bill are encouraged to write letters and make phone calls.  Letters of one page or less can be sent to each member by email and then sent by postal mail.  In promoting the bill, it is good to emphasize any of the following points:

1.  The bill upholds consumer freedom of choice.  The consumption of raw dairy products is legal in all fifty states.   The bill enables consumers to exercise their legal right in States where the sale of raw milk and/or raw milk products is illegal or where there are no in-State sources. 

2.  The bill upholds States’ rights.  Decisions about the safety of raw milk should be made at the state and local level, not by the federal government. 

3.  The bill supports family farms by expanding their markets for raw dairy products.  The bill increases the chances of survival for those dairies that are no longer able to subsist solely on the income from the dairy cooperative system. 

4.  The bill promotes the local food movement by connecting consumers to producers who happen to live just across state lines.   

5.  The bill would free FDA to focus on the pressing problems in our food system, e.g., tainted imports and under-inspected large-scale food processors. 

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