Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund
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Defending the rights and broadening the freedoms of family farms and protecting
consumer access to raw milk and nutrient dense foods.
Frequently Asked Questions
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1. When can I call The Fund?
Anytime. Call 1-703-208-FARM (3276). In order to keep membership costs low, we do not have an 800 number.

Remember, you can call if you have an emergency need for legal assistance ANYTIME, even after regular business hours. Our voicemail will direct you to our after-hours answering service and you'll be connected to the lawyer on call.

2. Are all legal costs covered?
After you join The Fund and your case is accepted, there are no further charges of any kind for representing your case and/or defending you in court. The Fund pays in full all attorney fees, expert witness fees, court transcript costs, travel expenses, and all other court costs permissible by state law for us to pay.

3. Are all cases accepted?
We want to focus our resources on our mission. So, once you report a case, our lawyers will determine if it falls within the FTCLDF mission.

4. What are some examples of cases covered under The Fund's mission?

  • Farmer rights to produce and sell nutrient dense foods without excessive and costly burdens or governmental intrusion
  • Farmer and consumer rights to participate in farm, herd or cow share programs
  • Farmer rights to refuse NAIS, limiting costly administrative overhead resulting in increased cost to consumers
  • Farmer rights to grow food protected from GMO hybridization
  • Farmer rights to free trade
  • Consumer rights to buy and transport raw milk
  • Consumer rights to feed raw milk to children contested by state agencies or medical authorities

5. What are some examples of cases that fall outside of The Fund's mission?

  • Farmer or consumer personal liability (i.e. somebody gets hurt on your farm)
  • Farmer or consumer domestic, bankruptcy, criminal, ethics, family, health, labor, real estate, wills and estates or taxation cases
  • Cases involving non-food livestock (i.e. pet breeding)
  • Consumer claims against a farmer

6. Do you have a payment plan?
Yes. We have a membership payment plan via monthly automatic deduction. It's an easy way to pay the membership fee over time.

7. Is the membership fee tax deductible?
Your membership fee is not considered a tax deductible donation, but it may be considered a business expense. Please consult your tax advisor or accountant.

8. What resources do you have available?
Our FTCLDF website offers a growing resource section, offering models of cow, herd or farm-share contracts, model articles of incorporation and regulations for non-profits, up-to-date, state-by-state information about current raw milk and NAIS laws, summaries of current and concluded legal cases, guidelines for Raw Milk Handling and lobby and exhibit aids.

9. I live in Canada, can I become a member?
Sorry, currently, The Fund's mission is to support farmers and consumers in the United States of America. However, donations are gratefully accepted from all continents!

10. Can I join The Fund if I'm not a farmer?
Yes, our membership is open to everyone. In fact, it's a great way to support your farmer as well as protect and expand your own access to local farm fresh foods.

The way we see it, farmers are trying to provide families with the best possible foods, in the most sustainable and economic way. Expensive court battles and administrative burdens can be heavy yokes on farmer backs. We need to help lighten the load, and make farming an attractive and lucrative profession again.

11. Can I buy a membership for my farmer, a friend or family member?
Yes, you may purchase gift memberships. Please be aware that the recipient of your gift will need to complete a membership application and complete the approval process.

12. How can I support FTCLDF's mission?
Pass the word! We like the old style "barn-raising" event. Together, we can make a big difference in the lives and liberties of our farmers and consumers.

13. Can I join if I already have legal problems?
Yes, you are welcome to apply. However, if you are in legal trouble, we may not be able to accept your application. Your application will need to be reviewed by the legal department. FTCLDF reserves the right not to approve any membership application.

We also reserve the right to revoke membership if any information has been misrepresented. If your application cannot be approved, we will return your payment and send a letter of explanation.