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Will Small Farms Regain Ground?

Join Attorney Pete Kennedy and Ohio farmer/activist Donna Betts on the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund's radio show this Saturday.  

UPDATE: Listen to the recording of this show.

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The Food Rights Hour
Republic Broadcasting Network (RBN)
Saturday, May 14, 2011 
8 pm - 10 pm Eastern; 7 - 9 Central; 6 -8 Mountain, 5 - 7 Pacific.

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Attorney Pete Kennedy, Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund President and Farm-to-Consumer Foundation Vice President, will be your host. This week's guest is Donna Betts, a sustainable agriculture farmer for over 40 years.
Pete and Donna will discuss her career as a farm policy activist, her legal disputes with the Ohio Department of Agriculture concerning raw milk in pet food, industrial farming, the decline of the small farm, and how small-scale farmers could regain ground.    

Donna Betts was one of seventeen women featured in Holly Bollinger’s book Women of the Harvest: Inspiring Stories of Contemporary Farmers. Here is an excerpt from the book about her agricultural learning center located on her farm:

“Years ago, whenever anyone had a question about gardening or raising livestock, they would go ask their grandparents who still lived on the farm,” reads the opening paragraph of her self-produced Gwamma’s Farm Retreat brochure. “Today, many people are seeking such expertise as they become interested in getting started in farming or just trying to become more self-sufficient and grow their own safe, healthy food.”

“But few experts remain today that remember how things were done before the advent of modern agribusiness and chemical farming. People need more than informative books and how-to videos. They need specific, hands-on instruction and practical first-hand experience.”

Please join our conversation!

Be sure to call in with your questions. CALL-IN NUMBER: 800-313-9443

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Pete Kennedy is an attorney in Sarasota, Florida and serves as the president of the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund and vice president of the Farm-to-Consumer Foundation. Prior to and since the founding of these organizations, Pete has worked on raw dairy issues in various States as well as other food distribution aspects including extensive reviews of legislation, particularly food safety and raw milk bills. He also provides instruction on the legal aspects for Cow-Share College & Goat-Share University


Donna Betts has been a farmer in Ohio for 60 years. In 1967, she became the first woman in Ohio ever to be granted an FHA Farm Owners loan, which allowed her to purchase a 200-acre farm. Her sustainable agriculture farm has been home to sheep, chickens, goats, miniature donkeys, Tamworth hogs, and Belted Galloway beef cattle.

Donna established an agricultural learning center on her farm called Gwamma’s Farm Retreat and has mentored many adults and children in sustainable farming and marketing. She was also the Farm Bureau Federation Board secretary, a volunteer firewoman, and a member of the Ohio Catholic Rural Life Council Board. She started the Tri-County Graziers Group and aided in the creation of River City Farmers’ Market and Marietta Kitchen Creations, a shared-use kitchen where local farmers can prepare foods in a state-licensed facility.

In 2007, Donna was one of seventeen women featured in Holly Bollinger’s book Women of the Harvest: Inspiring Stories of Contemporary Farmers.