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Trent and Rachel Hendricks Octoberfest Celebration
KUDOS! go to Trent & Rachel Hendricks, of Hendricks Farm and Dairy and our co-hosts for Octoberfest! Members from Farm-to-Consumer Foundation, Pennsylvania Independent Farmers and Consumers Alliance, the Weston A. Price Foundation and Communities Alliance for Responsible Eco-farming gathered around to provide support for the Hendricks Farm family.

Trent and Rachel provided a warm, cheerful shelter and tasty barbeque and cheeses for Octoberfest folks that rainy cold day even though the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture had just put them through the mill with a one-week suspension of sales (link, link).

KUDOS! go the Weston A. Price Foundation for issuing their own Press Release in support of the Hendricks.

KUDOS! go to Hendricks Farm customers, for writing to their representatives.

KUDOS! go to Sandeep Argarwal of Pure Indian Food for providing pictures of Octoberfest.

KUDOS! go to NICFA for carrying this article about the Octoberfest!

SHAME! goes to the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture for putting out such a huge publicity campaign.


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