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Pamela Lunn owner, Dancing Goat Dairy

KUDOS! go to farmer member, Pamela Lunn, owner of Dancing Goat Dairy in Tampa, Florida.  Pam is licensed to sell pet food - raw goat milk, eggs and duck eggs at the Saturday Morning Market - the largest Farmer's Market in the South East.

Pete Kennedy, Esq., President of the Fund, met with Pamela one Saturday morning and was delighted to see Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund brochures right out front on her table.  Pete's son Ryan enjoyed the new baby kids Pamela brought to the market as a "show and tell" - they really drew a crowd.

Pamela was one of the first farmers to use the Fund Emergency Hotline when an over-reaching regulator told her to stop raw milk sales at the farmer's market. Fund General Counsel, Gary Cox, settled the matter with a phone call on Monday morning. We're happy to help farmers like Pam, and we're delighted she helps spread the word! 

Pete Kennedy, FTCLDF President visits member Pamela Lunn (holding Ryan Kennedy) Ryan Kennedy "inspecting" the kids Pamela Lunn and Dancing Goat Dairy goat milk soap



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