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WAPF Cincinnati Chapter Donation
KUDOS to Awesome Anita Sorkin, volunteer local Chapter Leader for Weston A. Price Foundation in Cincinnati, OH.

Anita’s chapter meets monthly for a pot luck and learning experience. The topic of their May meeting was “How to Work with Vegetables”.  

No, they didn’t talk about how to handle farm investigators, the subject was Kale. 

While the 45 attendees nibbled on local, seasonal Stir Fried Kale, they passed the hat for donations, to benefit the Fund.
That’s simple and effective fundraising at its best.

Anita wondered what would happen if EVERY WAPF Chapter Leader did the same at just one of their meetings. We like the way Anita thinks!

The Cincinnati WAPF Chapter’s donation of  $83 will go directly to the Fund and help defray our mounting legal fees.  Since we’ve just filed a Notice of Intent to Sue the USDA over NAIS, we need many more Kale nibbling, hat passing donors! 

  Anita Sorkin



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