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Florida LAUNCH!

2007 August 30--The Tampa, Florida launch was held in an art gallery for 150 people; hosted by local Weston A. Price Foundation Chapter Leaders Sarah Pope and Cynthia Calisch. Pete Kennedy spoke prior to the evening lecture by Joel Salatin.

2007 September 1--The Live Oak, FL launch was held in the hay barn on Dennis Stoltzfoos' farm in Live Oak. The launch was hosted by Dennis and Florida A & M University. Pete Kennedy spoke during the lunch break of a full day seminar featuring Joel Salatin for 300-400 people . Dennis Stoltzfoos provided raw milk in Dixie cups for all to toast Farm Freedom.



Cynthia Calisch, Joel Salatin and
Sarah Pope

Delicious Pot Luck

Joel Salatin & Cynthia Calisch

Joel Salatin and Dennis' Daughters

LAUNCH! Hosts and Joel Salatin

Yummy Food for All!

Dennis Stoltzfoos and daughter enjoy the Florida LAUNCH!