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Status of the Case: 

May 18, 2009

September 8, 2008 -  FTCLDF General Counsel, Gary Cox was admitted to the District Court for the District of Columbia Bar. 

Following the admission, he filed the NAIS Complaint against the USDA and Michigan Department of Agriculture.  

Case Number: 1:08-cv-01546               Judge: The Honorable Rosemary M. Collyer

Complaint for Preliminary and Other Injunctive Relief

Notice of Intent to Sue – Press Release, May 14, 2008
Notice of Intent to Sue – Excerpts
Notice of Intent to Sue
Notice of Intent to Sue – Executive Summary

Notice of Intent to Sue – Table of Exhibits
Exhibit A Exhibit B Exhibit C
Exhibit D Exhibit E Exhibit F
Exhibit G Exhibit H Exhibit I
Exhibit J Exhibit K Exhibit L
Exhibit M Exhibit N Exhibit O
Exhibit P Exhibit Q Exhibit R
Exhibit S Exhibit T Exhibit U


Declaration by Robert Alexander

Declaration by Brad Clark

Declaration by Dr. Glen Dupree

Declaration by Joe Golimbieski

Declaration by Robert R. Keyworth

Declaration by Andrew Langer

Declaration by Dr. Melvin Tomas Massey

Declaration by Glen Mast

Declaration by Don McLeod

Declaration by Gregory Niewendorp

Declaration by Andrew Schneider

Declaration by Rev. Rosanne Wyant

Declaration by Edward Zimba