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News Archive

News Archive 2009

Dec 31 - Scott Trautman's Thought Provoking Questions 

Dec 31 - The Story of Cap & Trade

Dec 31 - What's Hot in 2010

Dec 31 - Produce Locally

Dec 31 - Dairy Groups Urge Senators to Include Raw Milk Facilities in Food Safety Regulations

Dec 31 - Raw milk gives farmers options

Dec 31 - Food System Raises Risk of Widespread Contamination

Dec 31 - Bill banning use of offshore platforms for fish farms could affect Gulf aquaculture

Dec 31 - Big Farms Might Play Larger Roles in Organic Milk Production

Dec 31 - Characteristics, Costs, and Issues for Organic Dairy Farming

Dec 31 - Why We Should All Eat More Organic Food

Dec 31 - Phillipines: Bio-organic plant supplement now available to land-friendly farmers

Dec 31 - USDA announces dairy relief program

Dec 30 - Savannah’s Biscuit Police arrest Dangerous Criminal in Undercover Sting!

Dec 30 - E. coli-tainted beef infects 21 people in 16 states

Dec 30 - Half of USDA Farm Subsidy Dollars Go to Just 4% of Farms

Dec 29 - Mark McAfee’s Speech at Acres USA

Dec 29 - What if the FAA was in Charge of Food Safety?

Dec 29 - America’s Food Chain is Broken

Dec 29 - Farmers Must Be Allowed Freedom of Speech to Link Food and Health

Dec 29 - Grand Valley farmers could be hurt by federal food-safety bill

Dec 29 - Ready for raw milk battle

Dec 29 - R-Calf Presses Claims That Packers are Depressing Domestic Cattle Prices

Dec 29 - Pressure Rises to Stop Antibiotics in Agriculture

Dec 28 - Like White House, grow crops year-round with hoop houses, USDA help

Dec 28 - Sick of Corporate Control Over Your Food?

Dec 28 - Dairy producers receive $290 million for economic losses

Dec 28 - Investors see farms as way to grow Detroit

Dec 28 - The Palestinian farmer who grows his own resistance

Dec 28 - Activist sows seeds for farm co-op

Dec 28 - Report addresses market barriers for organic growers

Dec 28 - Hogs run wild: Feral pig catching in the plan at county-acquired Pepper Ranch

Dec 28 - Norway alert on lice

Dec 28 - Lawyers targeting pig, dairy farms

Dec 28 - Organic Milk Linked to Lower Rates of Allergies, Asthma and Eczema

Dec 28 - iPhone app for spoiled food

Dec 27 - Company Recalls Beef in 6 States

Dec 26 - USDA to Fund On-Farm High Tunnel Research

Dec 24 - 2009: A Year of Dairy Crisis, Ag Legislation

Dec 24 - India: Organic farming to mitigate global warming

Dec 23 - FSIS Seeks Meat Labeling Changes

Dec 22 - Philippines: Ratification of organic farm bill pushed

Dec 22 - French body says Monsanto maize needs more study

Dec 22 - USDA announces new dairy program

Dec 22 - What’s a “Sustainable Farm”? Five Tests

Dec 22 - Raw milk business controversy

Dec 22 - Newhart conversation in the DATCP Car on the way home from Viroqua...

Dec 22 - Michael Schmidt was at Max Kane trial

Dec 22 - FDA opens third Latin American office

Dec 22 - Wyoming Agriculture Department warns against raw milk

Dec 22 - Bizarre fuss in Missouri over raw milk

Dec 22 - The "Slow Money" Movement May Revolutionize the Way You Think About Food

Dec 22 - Judge: Raw milk advocate must comply with subpoena

Dec 21 - Vote for new EU Organic Symbol Until January 31, 2010 

Dec 21 - Local Food Movement Thrives Thanks to Entrepreneurship

Dec 21 - NYC Announces Comprehensive Assessment of Urban Food Systems

Dec 21 - Legal Education of Max Kane: He Loses Court Case, Is Threatened with Jail, But Could Get Re-Do; On Lykke

Dec 21 - Raw milk advocate ordered to give deposition as supporters rally outside

Dec 21 - Who moved the cheese?

Dec 21 - Local food movement requires reduced expectations

Dec 21 - The '90s Set the Table for a Decade of Good Eats

Dec 21 - Rodale research paves the way for Pennsylvania's "PATH to Organic"

Dec 21 - "Would You Like Guilt with That?" Burger Chain Posts Carbon Footprint on Menu

Dec 21 - Announcing Our Top Ten Food Trends for 2010

Dec 21 - HOGWASH! Study: Raising pigs indoors healthier for animals, people

Dec 20 -One man's fight over raw milk to boil over in court Monday

Dec 19 -The railroading of farmer Max Kane

Dec 18 - Farm Aid Funds Projects to Strengthen, Promote Sustainable Family Farm Food Production

Dec 18 - Vermont dairy farmers on tap for U.S. aid

Dec 18 - Climate Friendly Agriculture Systems

Dec 18 - Organic farming is the way forward, says Vandana Shiva

Dec 18 - Russia gives US pork the cold shoulder

Dec 18 - KENYA: Where there's cluck, there's brass

Dec 18 - Organic farming is the way of life for this family

Dec 18 - FTCLDF Files Suit over Raw Milk in Wisconsin

Dec 17 - COVER- Person of the Year: Joel Salatin’s salad days

Dec 17 - USDA to give dairy farmers special subsidy payment

Dec 17 - Amid Monsanto’s antitrust troubles, another study questions the health effects of GMOs

Dec 17 - Organic RFID to cut waste on produce

Dec 17 - Raw Milk Arrives in The UK

Dec 17 - BOSTON Raw Milk LiberTEA PARTY

Dec 16 - Handing Out Food To Homeless Could Be Illegal

Dec 16 - Howard Zinn and Bill Moyers on Right-Wing Demagogues and Progressive Resistance

Dec 16 - Bill seeks more fresh produce in U.S. school meals

Dec 16 - Reweaving the Fabric of Rural America: Food as a Common Thread

Dec 16 - The farmer in the swell: Joel Salatin finds himself in the middle of the food debate, fighting for a better way.

Dec 16 - The History of Raw Milk

Dec 16 - Planting the Winter Garden

Dec 16 - Getting at the Root of Climate Change: Food

Dec 16 - Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack Highlights Role of Agriculture in Climate Change

Dec 16 - US counting on cows to reduce emissions

Dec 16 - Farm Camp Teaches NYC Chefs Where Their Food Comes From

Dec 16 - Are WI Farmers Getting a Raw Deal on Raw Milk? 

Dec 16 - Non-traditional organic markets show gains

Dec 16 - Organic farmers say they help can reduce greenhouse gas problems

Dec 16 - Developing nations hold the key to Copenhagen climate agreement

Dec 16 - Climate Talks Near Deal to Save Forests

Dec 16 - Dairy, USDA Reach Agreement On Reducing CO2 Emissions

Dec 15 - Copenhagen set for agriculture protests

Dec 15 - Too Fat to Serve: How Our Unhealthy Food System Is Undermining the Military

Dec 15 - Senator seeks 'strict testing' for meat sent to schools

Dec 15 - Butcher Shop at Sugar Mountain Farm

Dec 15 - Humanure: Goodbye, Toilets. Hello, Extreme Composting

Dec 15 - Nonprofit David Cuts Down Agribusiness Goliaths

Dec 14 - Pennsylvania helps 13 farms become organic

Dec 14 - USDA Launches Toll-Free Help Desk for Small Meat and Poultry Processors

Dec 13 - Monsanto Squeezes Out Seed Business Competition, AP Investigation Finds

Dec 13 - Passion for Old World recipes, methods spice up cured meats

Dec 13 - Food Safety Experts Say They Won't Eat These 7 Foods

Dec 13 - From farm to fork, with a syllabus on the side

Dec 13 - Planning for the future: Oneida Tribe of Indians mixes historical tradition with conservation

Dec 13 - Farm Sustainability Corps Can Make Farming More Lucrative, Secure Food Supply

Dec 13 - Raw milk stirs up controversy

Dec 13 - Hospitals dish up healthier food

Dec 13 - Small Farmers Can Cool the World

Dec 13 - Renewable Energy From Manure Becomes Reality for New York

Dec 13 - Book Review: Trauma Farm by Brian Brett; The War in the Country by Thomas F. Pawlick; and What’s to Eat?

Dec 13 - Bayer Admits GMO Contamination is Out of Control

Dec 13 - Does One Size Fit All? Small Farms and U.S. Meat Regulations

Dec 13 - Biogas from Cows Could Help Save New York City Water Supply

Dec 13 - Man Pushes Dream of Establishing Local ‘Real Food’ System

Dec 11 - Connecticut Congresswoman Wants Beef Packers Closed

Dec 11 - Walmart turns over a new leaf as it embraces local produce

Dec 11 - Milk Money Trailer

Dec 11 - FEED - December 2009 - Union of Concerned Scientists

Dec 11 - USDA will offer lawmakers a sampling of school lunches

Dec 11 - USDA aims to help farmers expand their businesses

Dec 11 - Killer Pig Weeds Threaten Crops in the South

Dec 11 - U.S. Celebrates Terra Madre Day

Dec 11 - Food values: Nourishing body and soul at Silver Hill Hospital

Dec 11 - Divine sign: Calf with cross on head a symbol of hope for farmer

Dec 11 - South Dakota Milk Producers Under Fire By Department of Agriculture

Dec 11 - Antibiotic-resistant salmonella, school lunches, and Cargill’s dodgy California beef plant

Dec 11 - EDITORIAL: Legal raw milk would give farmers, consumers choices

Dec 11 - Hope on the farm: Suicides show steep fall

Dec 11 - A Makeover for Food Labels

Dec 11 - Got (Good) Milk? Ask The Dairy Evangelist

Dec 11 - Dairy Groups Fight To Keep Chocolate Milk On Menu

Dec 11 - New Mexico Dairy Pollution Sparks 'Manure War'

Dec 11 - 'Ingredients' highlights the importance of local food movement

Dec 11 - School lunches don’t make the grade

Dec 11 - Salmon: Clean, green super-food or battery hens of the sea?

Dec 11 - Russia expands U.S. pork bans, threatens full market closure

Dec 11 - One simple law to boost small farms

Dec 9 - Missouri AG Files for Injunction Against Raw Milk Producer

Dec 9 - Russia bans pork from five U.S. plants - USDA

Dec 8 - Latest Trends in Food Safety and Traceability

Dec 8 - Missouri's crackdown on raw milk leaves sour taste

Dec 8 - Bright idea: Organic farmers giving small, nimble old tractors new life with electric motors

Dec 8 - Study Shows US College Students Active in Promoting Sustainability

Dec 8 - Urban farmers butt up against business regulations

Dec 8 - Green Acres Is the Place to Be

Dec 8 - Video: Home is Where the Food Is

Dec 8 - Quinn Outlines Plan for NYC Food

Dec 8 - Southeast vegetable conference to focus on food safety

Dec 8 - Americans need to get to know the people who grow their food

Dec 8 - Cargill Continues to Struggle with Ground Beef Safety Issues

Dec 8 - The Story of Stuff

Dec 7 - Missouri government plots undercover sting operations against families selling raw milk

Dec 7 - 'Green' cuisine not always as ordered

Dec 6 - Raw milk all right?

Dec 6 - Behind the Thanksgiving consumer alert on Blue Marble Dairy

Dec 5 - Family Farmers Call on Congress, USDA to Take Immediate Action on the Dairy Crisis

Dec 5 - Probiotic foods likely to come under clinical trial norms like drugs

Dec 5 - Nation by nation, evidence thin that boosting crop yields conserves land

Dec 5 - The New Jersey Farmer

Dec 3 - Computer model reveals where food pathogens grow

Dec 3 - Neb. company poised to lose organic certification

Dec 3 - Swine flu infects turkeys at Virginia breeder farm, USDA says

Dec 3 - Is Raw Milk Key to Better Health?

Dec 2 - Giant Organic Livestock Operation Decertified by USDA

Dec 2 - Healthy, organic and cheap school lunches? Order up

Dec 2 - School lunch fresh from farm

Dec 2 - Raw milk sales bill proposed

Dec 2 - FDA - Draft Compliance Policy Guide Sec. 527.300 Dairy Products—Microbial Contaminants and Alkaline Phosphatase Activity (CPG 7106.08) 

Dec 2 - FDA - Acrylamide in Food; Request for Comments and for Scientific Data and Information; Extension of Comment Period

Dec 2 - FDA - New Drugs for use in Feed of Confined Animals: Melengestrol; Monensin; Tylosin

Dec 2 - USDA: Farm income to slump in '09

Dec 2 - Organic farmers post legal win against USDA

Dec 2 - Old Ways, New Pain for Farms in Poland

Dec 2 - Sale of raw milk an economic and political issue

Dec 2 - Mont. historians seek to recognize 100-year farms

Dec 1 - Soil carbon—a blind spot in the debate on carbon

Dec 1 - Simon Bishop

Dec 1 - Scientists grow pork meat in a laboratory

Nov 30 - Ithacans are turning to home-preserving home-grown food

Nov 30 - Joel Salatin Advocates a Better Way to Raise Food

Nov 30 - Terra Madre Day: Celebrating 20 Years of Slow Food Excellence

Nov 30 - Naomi Starkman: Two-Thirds of Chicken Tested Harbor Dangerous Bacteria

Nov 30 - Politics of the Plate: Selling the Farm

Nov 30 - Interview with Joel Salatin

Nov 30 - Attorney General Sues Farmers for Selling Raw Milk in Parking Lot

Nov 30 - Food bill frightens farmers

Nov 30 - 'Know Your Food' a blooming movement

Nov 27 - Raw milk finds legislative support

Nov 27 - Americans Toss Out 40 Percent of All Food

Nov 27 - Can Ecological Agriculture Feed Nine Billion People?

Nov 25 - Turkey slaughter lawsuit won't fly, judges rule

Nov 25 - Will Whole Foods’ new mobile slaughterhouses squeeze small farmers?

Nov 25 - Success in Sour Times: Network farming

Nov 25 - Raw Milk a Charter of Rights and Freedoms issue — Karen Selick

Nov 24 - China executes 2 for role in tainted milk scandal

Nov 24 - Attorney General Sues Farmers for Selling Raw Milk in Parking Lot

Nov 24 - Joel Salatin advocates a better way to raise food

Nov 24 - Koster Sues Raw Milk Producers

Nov 23 - Can Ecological Agriculture Feed Nine Billion People?

Nov 23 - Big City Farm Life

Nov 23 - Start-up farm focused on sustainability

Nov 23 - Michael Schmidt’s Nov. 17, ‘09 Queen’s Park press conference statement

Nov 22 - Ecological farms: the only real way to feed an Increasingly hungry world

Nov 21 - What a friend we have in cheeses, so why the raw deal?

Nov 21 - A taste for raw milk? Framingham farmer hoping so

Nov 21 - Federally Regulate Raw Milk?

Nov 21 - Farm chicks

Nov 21 - EcoFriendly Foods: Slaughterhouse Success Story

Nov 21 - France Finds Monsanto Guilty of Lying

Nov 21 - Economic liberty: CCF supports consumer choice on raw milk


Nov 21 - 7 Foods That Should Never Cross Your Lips

Nov 20 - Fund Victory in Pennsylvania

Nov 20 - Venison donation program supplements local food pantries

Nov 20 - Presidential Proclamation -- National Farm-City Week

Nov 20 - ORNL, Los Alamos pioneer new approach to assist scientists, farmers

Nov 20 - Can A Farm-in-a-Backpack Feed Sub-Saharan Africa?

Nov 20 - No to Obama’s agrichemical industry man, yes to Bed-Stuy Farm

Nov 20 - Serving (and saving) heritage turkeys

Nov 20 - UVM kicks in for farmers

Nov 20 - FDA Issues 22 Warning Letters to Web site Operators

Nov 20 - Bitter fight developing over sugar beets

Nov 19 - Eight Steps Obama Could Take to Save Food

Nov 19 - Dramatic Increase in Weed-Killer Use in U.S.

Nov 19 - Polyface farmer to appear on Martha Stewart

Nov 19 - Family farmers fear feds

Nov 19 - Modern Life Is Probably Screwed by Peak Oil, But It's Not Too Late to Avoid Mass Starvation

Nov 19 - Researchers ask whether caged egg-laying chickens are miserable stuffed into tiny cages

Nov 18 - Senate committee approves food safety bill

Nov 18 - Fair Food: Field to Table

Nov 18 - INAGURAL Call for Papers - Journal of Agriculture and Food Systems Development

Nov 18 - Dairy dilemma: Raw-milk producers, consumers ask for sales to be legal

Nov 18 - Victory in The Senate

Nov 18 - The Trap of Green Consumerism

Nov 18 - Raw milk warrior lands new backer

Nov 18 - Kellogg announces $32 million in food grants

Nov 18 - Can the world's richest man feed the planet?

Nov 18 - Breaking News: Farmers, food, freedom under attack: S 510 food fascism threatens Americans

Nov 18 - State gets $62K to stave off food terrorism

Nov 17 - Worlwide Corporate Control of Agriculture: The New Farm Owners

Nov 17 - FDA Accused of Caving to Industry in Oyster Row

Nov 17 - Why I Drink Raw Milk (That's Sold Illegally)

Nov 17 - Dairy Groups Urge Senators to Include Raw Milk Facilities in Food Safety Regulations

Nov 17 - Raw Milk Sales Could Reinvigorate U.S. Dairy Farms

Nov 16 - Farmers Not Invited to Food Summit?

Nov 11 - Growing Safe Food Act

Nov 10 - The Future of Factory Farming: Barack Obama and the "Rural Agenda"

Nov 10 - DIY, Dump-It-Yourself: Raw Milk

Nov 09 - Chickens come home to roost in backyards around the USA

Nov 09 - Despite Censorship By Beef Magnate, Michael Pollan Spreads Message About the Real Price of Cheap Food

Nov 08 - Dane County Farmers Market Milk Dump

Nov 08 - SDDA Proposes Rules to Create Defacto Ban on Raw Milk Sales in South Dakota

Nov 08 - Raw Milk Dumped At Capitol Protest

Nov 08 - Columnist Joe Orso: Raw milk debate heats up in the Dairy State

Nov 08 - Dairy farmer protests to sell raw milk

Nov 08 - Perky Porkers Prefer Pasture

Nov 07 - The Raw Milk Revolution: Behind America's Emerging Battle Over Food Rights

Nov 06 - I drink raw milk (sold illegally on the underground market)

Nov 06 - FDA and FSIS Collaborate To Improve Tracing of Unsafe Food Products

Nov 05 - Artists, scientists and entrepreneurs share ideas for innovation at TEDx conference

Nov 05 - State ag department cracking down on sale of raw milk as lawmakers draft legislatiion to legalize it

Nov 05 - Raw Milk Advocates Want State Law Reversed

Nov 05 - Milk-O-Matic A Big Hit in Slovenian Farmers Markets

Nov 05 - What Maryland Dairy Leaders Propose

Nov 05 - Heinz Awards Go to Environmental Champions

Nov 04 - Joel Salatin will speak at film festival about better ways to grow America's food

Nov 03 - FDA to Standardize Labeling of Food

Nov 02 - Farmers growing electricity along with their crops

Nov 01 - Maryland Herdshare Case Appealed

Nov 01 - We Can't Reform Health Care Without Reforming Food

Nov 01 - Activist's Message at USF: End Needless Waste of Food

Oct 31 - The Battle Over Raw Milk: Let's Ditch the Hysterics and Give People a Choice

Oct 31 - Six months after the outbreak, who’s investigating the CAFO-swine flu link?

Oct 31 - The Raw Milk Revolution: The Civil Rights Movement of Food?

Oct 31 - Why Is the USDA Continuing Loans for New Factory Farms?

Oct 31 - Crazy Weather Has Farmers Collecting Insurance Instead Of Planting Crops

Oct 31 - Raw milk drinkers have had their fill of ban

Oct 31 - FDA smackdown pits bacteria against bacteria

Oct 30 - Dairy farmers hear of ways to make their industry sustainable

Oct 30 - The Future of Farming?

Oct 30 - Eating Animals: Why Eating Matters

Oct 30 - Animal Identification Does Not Equal Food Safety

Oct 30 - The Bottom Line of Tracking Livestock: The Money Behind the National Animal Identification System

Oct 30 - Small-producer advocates resist safety bills

Oct 29 - American Humane(R) Certified Conducts Inaugural Humane Farm Training for Animal Handlers in Maine

Oct 29 - Farmers find buyers for their wares

Oct 29 - Melancon: Proposed oyster ban like 'swatting a fly with a sledgehammer'

Oct 29 - Got Raw Milk? Think Twice Before You Drink It

Oct 28 - Dairy Un-Forbidden: Discover the Virtues of Raw Milk

Oct 27 - FDA to ban sale of raw Gulf oysters to fight bacteria; restaurants, harvesters cry foul

Oct 27 - Jonathan Safran Foer's Eating Animals Turned Me Vegan

Oct 27 - Yummy Details about Wise Traditions Chicago Conference

Oct 27 - Could a High-Fat Diet Make You Healthy and Prevent Cavities?

Oct 26 - Jonathan Safran Foer's Controversial New Book, Eating Animals

Oct 26 - USDA to hold meeting by teleconference

Oct 26 - Along the raw milk tour

Oct 25 - Corn-based meat and ethanol: burning the planet to a crisp

Oct 23 - On the Farm - Photo Essay

Oct 23 - Berry Fields Farm in northern Pennsylvania attracts visitors from all over the world

Oct 23 - Food Advocates Envision Rooftop Gardens and Vertical Farms

Oct 23 - FDA chief: Food safety overhaul a good first step, but more must be done

Oct 23 - Agriculture critic's appearance angers university alumni

Oct 22 - Keeping America's Families Safe: Reforming the Food Safety System

Oct 22 - Grant aims to enhance local produce

Oct 22 - Issue 2: Don’t be tricked by BIG FARM. A classic David vs. Goliath story.

Oct 22 - Bill giving FDA new powers to oversee food supply has wide support

Oct 22 - Senate hearing on food safety tomorrow; North Carolina plays role

Oct 21 - Gates Foundation Helping The Poorest Smallholder Farmers Grow More Crops

Oct 20 - HR 2749: What about Food Security?

Oct 20 - Farmers Market full of flavor

Oct 19 - Foodborne Illness Victims Meet With White House to Push for Food Safety Reform

Oct 19 - What the Dairy Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know

Oct 18 - Consumers trust farmers, but also hold them responsible

Oct 18 - DorobekInsider EXCLUSIVE: USDA undertakes extensive management reorg – downgrading the CIO, CFO, and seeking early retirements

Oct 18 - H1N1 swine flu detected in 3 pigs at Minnesota State Fair

Oct 18 - Barcodes Come to the Farm

Oct 18 - Gillibrand calls for new food safety tests

Oct 18 - Some sour as state grabs raw milk

Oct 18 - Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack Host a Conference Call To Discuss Food Security on World Food Day

Oct 18 - White House Highlights Sustainability in Americas Dairyland

Oct 18 - 'Last true dairy farmer'

Oct 16 - Joel Salatin, America's farming heavyweight

Oct 16 - Debate grows over raw milk

Oct 16 - 'Food Beware': Vive La (Local Food) Revolution!

Oct 15 - It Appears NAIS Enforcement Gets Underway in Wisconsin

Oct 15 - Sustainable seafood labelling bill passed

Oct 15 - Gates pledges millions to African, Indian farming

Oct 15 - Farms going green to save and survive

Oct 15 - Gardener: Urban pioneer Greensgrow Farm leads by example

Oct 15 - Beef Industry Seeks Balance — And Gets It

Oct 15 - A New Direction on Research at the USDA? The Experts Weigh In

Oct 15 - Cornwall Message: Have a Cow

Oct 15 - Is Michelle Obama about to take on Big Food?

Oct 15 - Farm of the future? Traditional growing methods catch on again

Oct 14 - The Animal Welfare Maze - Confused by conflicting programs?

Oct 14 - Vilsack: For locally grown food, not against GMOs

Oct 13 - High hydrostatic pressure processing can help eliminate food safety problems in meat and poultry

Oct 10 - U.S. Ag secretary, other officials, tour Crave Brothers Farm

Oct 10 - KSU students practice sustainable agriculture techniques at student farm

Oct 09 - Consumers Union Holds Out Olive Branch to Sustainable Foodies

Oct 09 - Cliffs Notes to the Times’ E. Coli Investigation

Oct 09 - California’s Food Banks Go Locavore

Oct 09 - Colleges Get Sustainability Report Card

Oct 08 - USDA: Obama administration officials to visit WI to discuss bio-energy and clean energy economy

Oct 08 - USDA Joins FDA Efforts on USDA Joins FDA Efforts on New Food Safety Regulations

Oct 08 - Sustainable Agriculture Video Released by NCGA

Oct 08 - Eating local morphs into buying direct movement

Oct 08 - National Grid plan for local waste-to-biogas plants

Oct 08 - EU Regulator Targets Food Health Claims

Oct 08 - House passes agriculture funding bill that includes $5 million for SD research priorities

Oct 08 - Livestock ID program funding slashed

Oct 07 - Mummy bloggers spit the dummy over Nestle's spoilt milk

Oct 07 - SOLE Food

Oct 07 - The Food Safety Bill That Would Make Us Less Safe

Oct 06 - USDA Report -Marketing U.S. Organic Foods: Recent Trends From Farms to Consumers

Oct 06 - Experts call for stronger E. coli prevention

Oct 06 - European Farmers’ Anger Spills Into the Streets of Brussels

Oct 06 - USDA Responds to E. Coli Report

Oct 06 - Betagro categorises salmonella for better food safety

Oct 05 - Statement by Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack Regarding Recent E. Coli Story

Oct 05 - USDA, FDA To Jointly Develop Food-Safety Rules

Oct 05 - Draft horses' power drives organic farm

Oct 05 - More Americans growing food on small 'hobby farms'

Oct 05 - Food policy, solutions topics of COA conference

Oct 05 - Campbell Soup Company Partners with National FFA to Preserve Barns across the Country

Oct 05 - Europe’s Dairy Sector Will Get A Once Over From The HLG

Oct 04 - Farm Waste in Wisconsin

Oct 04 - Congressional panel cuts funds for animal ID program

Oct 04 - Maryland embracing raw milk cheese

Oct 02 - Answering the Climate Question with Smart Food Production

Oct 02 - FDA officials tour N.C. farms during regulation discussion

Oct 02 - Nobody talks about the GOOD things the Mafia does

Oct 02 - No More Raw Milk at Florida Whole Foods, the Company Explains Their Decision, Kind Of

Oct 01 - States to feds: divert surplus commodities to schools, needy families

Oct 01 - Mich. House amends farm-animal welfare bill with input from HSUS

Sep 28 - Site Helps Chefs Find Farmers, And Fresh Produce

Sep 28 - Raw Milk Continually Targeted Despite True Dangers of Pasteurized Product

Sep 28 - New York's senators pushing for USDA funding to help dairy farmers

Sep 28 - More debate over San Francisco's compost

Sep 26 - Illinois points the way to food system reform

Sep 25 - TV chef Emeril Lagasse in Vermont

Sep 25 - Senators challenge processor practices

Sep 25 - Miami Woman Petitions Whole Foods To Keep Selling Raw Milk, Unpasteurized

Sep 25 - Foundation alleges inaccuracies in raw-milk investigation

Sep 24 - Another Monsanto man in a key USDA post? Obama’s ag policy’s giving me whiplash

Sep 24 - The Business of Organic Farming (Watch and Learn)

Sep 23 - Coalition Asks EPA to Regulate Greenhouse Gases and Other Toxic Air Pollutants

Sep 23 - USDA begins national leafy greens hearings

Sep 23 - Court rejects genetically modified sugar beets

Sep 23 - GAO: Feds failed to tell schools of suspect food

Sep 21 - HHS and USDA Unveil New Food Safety Consumer Web Site at

Sep 19 - Worldwide Dairy Industry to Sign Global Declaration on Climate Change

Sep 19 - Cultivating a New Generation of Farmers

Sep 19 - Farm-Fresh Fish -- With a Catch

Sep 18 - Farmers use radishes to soften, fertilize fields

Sep 18 - Health Ills Abound as Farm Runoff Fouls Wells

Sep 18 - Study: U.S. food facilities flunk record-keeping test

Sep 18 - Organic Trade Association Welcomes New National Organic Program Head

Sep 18 - Ingenious Label Design Ensures Food Safety

Sep 17 - Vilsack plays up USDA mission to promote produce consumption

Sep 17 - Politics of the Plate: Talking the Talk on Sustainable Food

Sep 17 - Farmers Want Industry Probe

Sep 17 - National Farm Safety and Health Week is September 20-26

Sep 17 - Read This Book If You Want To Understand the Food Safety Debate

Sep 17 - Gary Cox, Fund General Counsel to present at Organic Agronomy Seminar in Pittsburgh - Nov. 3

Sep 17 - Food freedom demanded from Dept. of Ag

Sep 17 - We Don't Need a Food Revolution, We Just Need to Learn How to Cook

Sep 17 - USDA's National Organic Standards Board to Meet November 3-5, 2009

Sep 16 - The Camel as Cow, a Cautionary Tale

Sep 16 - USDA Launches 'Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food' Initiative

Sep 16 - Big Plans for Small Farmers

Sep 16 - Forget Conventional 401(k)s; Think Goat Cheese and Fennel

Sep 16 - Sustainable Farmer - Joel Salatin - Wins Heinz Award and $100,000

Sep 16 - Time to get real about farming - before it's too late

Sep 16 - Compass Group Supports Local Farmers Nationally

Sep 16 - Software for screening adulterated raw milk

Sep 16 - Debate heats up over sale of raw milk in Bridgewater

Sep 16 - Wyoming withdraws from NAIS

Sep 16 - USDA launches "Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food" initiative

Sep 15 - US: Harkin ready to tackle food safety bill

Sep 15 - Bon Appetit on the Business of Sustainable Agriculture

Sep 15 - This Just In . . .

Sep 15 - Local farmer touts benefits of raw milk

Sep 14 - Rural Vermont hosts second annual raw milk open farm day on Sunday

Sep 14 - Hamburg: FDA needs bigger role

Sep 14 - Study of food soon may become official

Sep 14 - Unique partnership promotes conservation

Sep 14 - Antitrust Suit Argued Here On Milk Prices

Sep 14 - Sodexo Campus Clients Earn Green Recognition

Sep 10 - Arkansas’ Blanche Lincoln grabs Senate ag committee chair

Sep 10 - Aquaculture before U.S. House subcommittee

Sep 10 - Raw milk farm tours include Westport goat dairy

Sep 9 - Michael Pollan: People Are Finally Talking About Food, and You Can Thank Wendell Berry for That

Sep 9 - Lincoln to chair Senate Ag Committee (with audio news conference)

Sep 9 - Foreign Agricultural Officials to Visit New Hampshire and Vermont

Sep 9 - The Farmers' Market, Reimagined as a Neighborhood Food Truck

Sep 8 - Raising a New Crop of Farm to Table Chefs

Sep 8 - FDA opens new portal for food-safety reporting

Sep 8 - Food Is Power and the Powerful Are Poisoning Us

Sep 8 - A new life on the farm

Sep 7 - Can a Farm State Feed Itself?

Sep 6 - Chickens Not Fooled by GM Crops

Sep 4 - Recycling Food Scraps into Gardens

Sep 4 - New Zealand Gives Raw Milk Cheese Production the Go Ahead!

Sep 4 - TIME Magazine’s Yellow Journalism

Sep 3 - Meet the Farmers

Sep 3 - Raw Milk Dairy Day Saturday, September 12th, 2009

Sep 3 - General Mills spent $260,000 in second quarter lobbying government on food safety, imports

Sep 3 - Food safety to wait on health care reform

Sep 3 - Harkin calls for tougher food-safety enforcement

Sep 3 - National Pasteurized Eggs Increases Access to Safe Pasteurized Shell Eggs With New...

Sep 3 - Most Americans Not Overly Concerned About Food Safety

Sep 3 - Is the Green Movement Making Farmers Cool?

Sep 3 - Sustainable furniture

Sep 3 - Cuba constructs environmentally sustainable socialism

Sep 3 - House ag chief: ‘We have been divided more than together’

Sep 3 - Monsanto? Sustainable? Water bully, I'd say …

Sep 3 - Cornucopia Institute files a formal legal complaint with the USDA

Sep 3 - Baby Boom Migration Tilts Toward Rural America

Sep 3 - Boomers Migrating to Rural America

Sep 3 - Farmers Almanac Offers Frigid 2010 Forecast

Sep 2 - FDA to address Washington Public Policy Conference

Sep 2 - FDA Bill a Bipartisan Victory for Dingell

Sep 2 - Chicks Ground Up Alive at Egg Hatchery

Sep 2 - Small Food Producers Question Greater FDA Powers

Sep 1 - Desperate Food Industry Tries to Tar Michael Pollan and Organic Produce

Sep 1 - Scientist Warning of Health Hazards of Monsanto's Herbicide Receives Threats

Aug 31 - Enid wife gets last laugh with goat farm

Aug 31 - Sea Breeze Farm raises veal the 'real' way — in pastures

Aug 31 - Butters: A healthier dairy culture is one thing to kowtow to

Aug 31 - Open Blue Sea Farms' Panama Acquisition Creates World`s Largest Open Ocean Aquaculture Operation

Aug 31 - Top USDA official gets serious about local/regional food systems

Aug 30 - Getting Real About the High Price of Cheap Food

Aug 29 - Makin' Bacon: Foodies Are Going Hog Wild Over Pig

Aug 29 - Raw milk proposals raise standards

Aug 28 - Eco-friendly spices to fight insects threatening organic food crops

Aug 28 - L.A. crackdown on unpasteurized Mexican cheese snares four

Aug 28 - U.S. farm income to plunge 38 percent in 2009: USDA

Aug 26 - Turning up the heat on Philadelphia food-safety inspection

Aug 26 - Tell USDA to add urban farming to the Ag Census! Deadline is Friday.

Aug 26 - $300 a Night? Yes, but Haying’s Free

Aug 26 - USDA Farm Computer Usage, Ownership & Internet Access Report

Aug 26 - USDA Creates New Dairy Industry Advisory Committee and Seeks Nominations

Aug 26 - Farm to Hub to Table

Aug 26 - Everything Joel Salatin Does Is Illegal

Aug 26 - Killing Chickens At Home: Would You Do It?

Aug 26 - Soured On Milk

Aug 25 - Desperate Food Industry Tries to Tar Michael Pollan and Organic Produce

Aug 25 - Sustainable farming business taught at KCC

Aug 25 - Obama Talks Up Local Food, School Lunches, And Setting Up A Farmers Market Outside The White House

Aug 25 - Agriculture Secretary Vilsack Proclaims August 23-29 as National Community Gardening Week

Aug 25 - A growing dream of urban farming: Financier Hantz wants to plant $30M into vacant lots

Aug 25 - Virtual farmers market in the works

Aug 25 - On Your Shopping List: Traceability

Aug 25 - Small Farms? Who Said They Were Going Out Of Business?

Aug 25 - Local food program promotes Tenn. farms, improved nutrition for students

Aug 25 - State Fair to increase focus on local foods

Aug 25 - Top 11 green food radio shows

Aug 25 - USDA Highlights Missouri Biomass Plant

Aug 25 - Unscrambling Michigan's Egg Law

Aug 20 - Goats in the City Photo Gallery

Aug 20 - Getting Real About the High Price of Cheap Food

Aug 20 - Companies Announced to Present at First Sustainable Agriculture Investment Conference

Aug 20 - Independent Farmers Feel Squeezed By Milk Cartel

Aug 20 - Agriculture's Nitrogen Fix

Aug 20 - Years of food processors' waste turns Michigan's natural treasures to ruins

Aug 20 - Canadian farm moves from cow share to land share

Aug 20 - Organic advocacy groups praise USDA move to audit NOP

Aug 20 - Small Farmers See Promise In Obama's Plans

Aug 19 - Operating Policy for Egg Sales at Farmers' Markets

Aug 19 - Giant Robotic Cages to Roam Seas as Future Fish Farms?

Aug 19 - Timing of Senate food safety bill is uncertain

Aug 19 - Co-op finds rapid success

Aug 19 - Four Square Restaurant/Yancey House are crowned 2009 “Best Dish in NC” winners

Aug 19 - Illinois law to boost demand for locally grown food

Aug 18 - Hard-luck handoff: Inmates harvest fields and cook to help struggling food banks meet demand

Aug 18 - Future of animal ID system unclear

Aug 18 - USDA launches rural tour website

Aug 17 - Farmer’s request to sell unprocessed milk has Bridgewater officials in a quandry

Aug 15 - How Small Farmers Are Saving the World (And How You Can Help)

Aug 14 - A Restaurant for the People, By the Farmers

Aug 14 - Cargill, the National School Lunch Program, and antibiotic-resistant salmonella

Aug 14 - Farmers Work to Protect Pigs From Swine Flu

Aug 13 - America's Food Safety Back on a Front Burner

Aug 13 - Raising the Prairie: The Nation’s First Organic Roof Farm Rises in Chicago

Aug 13 - Farmonomics: It's All About the Land

Aug 13 - Life, Art and Chickens, Afloat in the Harbor

Aug 13 - Killer Bugs Made Welcome on Green Farms

Aug 13 - Oklahoman diversifies small agriculture operation with prawn

Aug 12 - Crop mobs as agents for good

Aug 12 - Benevolence Farm: A transitional program for former prisoners

Aug 12 - Cattle rustling on the rise again in Texas

Aug 11 - Ky. Proud Products Showcased at Mansion Meal

Aug 11 - iGPS seeks FDA inquiry into wood pallets, risks to food safety

Aug 11 - Conservative rabbi says Georgia’s kosher law unconstitutional

Aug 11 - Albert’s Organics now utilizing NASA Food Safety Air Sanitation

Aug 11 - USDA to audit National Organic Program

Aug 11 - USDA official promises tough, fair enforcement of Packers and Stockyards Act

Aug 10 - Interest in organic food on the rise in China

Aug 10 - Farmers markets help local growers during recession

Aug 10 - Agroecology, Small Farms, and Food Sovereignty

Aug 10 - How Design Can Help Farmers’ Markets Feed a Growing Demand

Aug 9 - In-vitro meat: Would lab-burgers be better for us and the planet?

Aug 9 - Got raw milk?

Aug 8 - USDA confirms drug-resistant Salmonella in beef recall

Aug 7 - Fund Announces New Affiliate Membership Program In Celebration of National Farmer’s Market Week

Aug 7 - How Sustainable Is Your Restaurant?

Aug 7 - Popularity grows for county farms

Aug 7 - Harriman campus to be home to $40M state food lab

Aug 7 - State Legislators Take on Dairy Crisis

Aug 7 - FDA chief warns industry, part of drive to restore agency’s image

Aug 7 - Turning up the heat on Philadelphia food-safety inspection

Aug 6 - UPDATED: FDA promises faster, aggressive food safety enforcement

Aug 6 - Senate cuts proposed NAIS funding to $7.3 million

Aug 5 - Getting real about raw milk

Aug 5 - U.K. retailer Tesco to sell live chickens as consumers embrace back-to-basics movement

Aug 5 - Growing local-farm movement expanding to meat

Aug 4 - Learning the ways of the land

Aug 4 - Raw-milk lovers skirt the law

Aug 4 - Food Safety Bill Needs Work

Aug 3 - Local food producers, supporters converge for education, tastings

Aug 3 - Politics of the Plate: Casting the Food Safety Net too Wide

Aug 3 - Local food for local schools

Aug 3 - Wilcox Family: Sound-friendly farming

Aug 3 - Seattle-area colleges are turning their tables over to the local-sustainable ethic

Aug 3 - Concerns About NAIS to Track Cows

Aug 2 - Why Not Start AgriCorps, for a New Crop of Farmers?

Aug 2 - For farm family, no more fairs

Aug 1 - Ag Sec Tom Vilsack Proclaims August 2-8 National Farmers Market Week

Aug 1 - USDA Raises Dairy Support Prices to Help Industry

Aug 1 - With House food-safety bill a done deal, questions remain [UPDATED]

July 31 - House OKs bill to tighten food growing, processing

July 31 - FDA releases commodity-specific safety rules for melons, tomatoes and leafy greens

July 30 - Why Silk Soy Milk's Parent Company Is Throwing American Farmers and Consumers Under the Bus

July 30 - House Approves New Food-Safety Laws

July 30 - Crops, ponds destroyed in quest for food safety

July 30 - House Approves Food-Safety Bill

July 30 - HR2749 Fails to Pass but is up for Vote Again Today!

July 30 - Boehner vs. Barton on Food Safety

July 29 - A Fan of Camel Milk Struggles to Start a Drome-dairy

July 29 - Quick Vote Trips Up Food Bill In House

July 29 - Cheesemaker cut from Farmers' Market

July 29 - Senate voting on NAIS funding

July 29 - Food Safety Bill Heading for a Vote

July 29 - Message to Waxman: Don’t Rush Food Safety Measure

July 29 - UCA professor banking on seed swaps to save heirlooms

July 29 - USDA Study on Cap & Trade Bill Is an Incomplete Analysis

July 27 - Court Dismisses FTCLDF's National Animal Identificaion System Lawsuit

July 27 - Not very NAIS

July 27 - House vote expected this week on food safety bill

July 27 - USDA Closing NAIS Listening Tour Comment Period on August 3

July 27 - New investment would boost local food

July 27 - Beach reads for foodies A menu of summer treats

July 27 - Keeping it local: UW-Madison diners get 'home-grown' veggies

July 27 - Hot, Dry, Thriving? A Farm Plan for California

July 27 - Beginning Farmers Invited To Apply

July 27 - Hot dogs should carry a warning label, lawsuit says

July 27 - ISDA to update raw milk rules

July 27 - Floating farm is the wave of the future

July 27 - Alaska gardeners reap giant harvest

July 27 - Brasher: Food-safety bill meets objections from groups

July 23 - Chemical Makers Go on the Offensive in Agriculture

July 23 - Lawmakers and Farmers Clash on Food Safety Bill

July 22 - From farms to Northern California hospitals: Healthier food for healthier patients

July 22 - Dirt Doctor Guest Brad Shufflebeam's HR2749 Interview

July 22 - Got milk money?

July 22 - 40 farmers under 40

July 22 - ‘Food’ discussion highlights local farming

July 22 - Food Safety Bill Would Make it Tougher for Farmers to Produce Safe Food

July 21 - Sen. wants antitrust probe of Dean Foods

July 21 - Experimental Farm Increases Ecosystem Services - Study

July 21 - Tyson reducing sow herd, selling hog farms

July 21 - Farmers put churches on the map

July 21 - Farmacology

July 21 - Food safety bill proposal triggers spat

July 20 - USDA Announces 2010 Food Safety Education Conference

July 20 - Shoppers defy the recession in favour of farm-fresh food

July 20 - Food for Free: Seniors line up to get $20 coupon booklet for fresh produce

July 20 - Idaho ag department to consider raw milk rules

July 17 - Young Idols With Cleavers Rule the Stage

July 17 - Is Farmland the Trade of the Century?

July 17 - Walmart grows ties with local farmers

July 17 - Food safety standards threaten organic farming

July 17 - USDA's Vilsack hears complaints from small organic farmers

July 17 - Farmers deliver fresh produce to local food banks

July 16 - NCBA Member Highlights Beef Industry’s Commitment to Food Safety

July 16 - Food-Safety Bill Spurs Backlash

July 16 - New Food Safety Plan Includes Industry Recommendations

July 16 - Clarksville, Mo., wants to become a foodie destination

July 16 - Small farms are growing

July 15 - Senators seek climate bill analysis for farmers

July 15 - New "Local Food Hub" Links Farmers to Distributors

July 15 - Ex-Monsanto VP hired as FDA adviser

July 15 - Farm-to-School Subsidy Generates Economic Benefits for State

July 15 - National animal ID plan stumbles

July 14 - Obama Delivers on Commitment to Upgrade U.S. Food Safety System

July 14 - G-8 leaders back practices to fight hunger urged by Rodale Institute

July 14 - Chipotle Mexican Grill embraces anti-fast food film

July 14 - Forbes Names Raw Milk One of The 10 Healthiest Foods on Earth

July 13 - U.S. Agriculture Secretary Talks to Local Farmers

July 13 - New S.F. Food Policy Boosts Local Farms

July 13 - Plantagon: Geodesic Dome Farm of the Future

July 13 - HR 2749’s Real Impacts: FTCLDF's Response to Consumers’ Union

July 12 - AVMA debates profession's role concerning antimicrobials in livestock

July 12 - Mushroom farmers work to expand in Missouri

July 12 - Local food hard to find despite state's agricultural roots

July 10 - TEXT-G8 Summit statement on food security

July 10 - Students dig into sustainable farming at Vermont college

July 10 - USDA releases report on use of manure for energy

July 10 - Producers welcome changes to raw milk regulations

July 09 - Grocers jump on 'local' produce bandwagon

July 09 - A Locavore's Fourth: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Really Fresh Produce

July 08 - Administration Issues New Rules on Egg Safety

July 08 - Fresh's Ana Joanes, Explains the Difficulty of Filming a Documentary

July 08 - Sustainable farming methods rooted in history

July 08 - FDA, USDA to Propose New Guidelines for Food Safety (Update2)

July 07 - Defining ‘Sustainable Agriculture’

July 07 - Organics is fastest growing food industry segment – can labels be trusted?

July 06 - Hobby farms catch on with Wisconsin residents

July 06 - Michael Pollan: We Are Headed Toward a Breakdown in Our Food System

July 06 - Fears for the World's Poor Countries as the Rich Grab Land to Grow Food

July 06 - New book looks at economic devastation in an Iowa meat-packing town

July 06 - Organics on the Grow at Midwest Farm Shows

July 06 - Business helps folks turn backyards into farms

July 06 - Legislation Is 'Udder' Nonsense

July 06 - Agriculture Deputy Secretary Merrigan Announces U.S. – Canada Agreement for Organic Trade Equivalence

July 06 - Street Farmer

July 06 - Vilsack Announces New Approach to Food Security

July 06 - Local food gets toehold in central Illinois

July 04 - Envisioning the End of ‘Don’t Cluck, Don’t Tell’

July 03 - Closing the Farm to Plate Knowledge Gap

July 03 - Pro Food Is…

July 03 - USDA chief spotlights food crops at D.C. garden

July 03 - 'Food, Inc.': Director Robert Kenner explores the high cost of cheap eats

July 03 - I Wish I Didn’t Have to Publish So Many Food Recalls

July 03 - I Saw 'Food Inc.' -- Now What?

July 03 - Make This July 4th Your Food Independence Day

July 03 - Fresno dairy can't escape 'milk pool'

July 02 - Local food; local energy

July 02 - Conference looks at supplying supermarkets with local food

July 02 - Home Sweet (Urban) Homestead

July 02 - FarmOn, connecting producers in the farming industry to information, resources and sustainable practices that work

July 02 - Seed preservation critical to preserving sustainable agriculture

July 02 - Organic Farms as Subdivision Amenities

July 02 - A new way to farm fish and feed the world

July 01 - Down on the Farm

July 01 - Organic Farms as Subdivision Amenities

June 30 - Urban farms not an easy row to hoe

June 29 - Breakfast Week: Raw milk in your morning glass?

June 29 - NAIS Related News - Australian Report on the (In)Efficacy of RFID Animal Tracking (pdf)

June 29 - NAIS Related News - Australia's RFID Animal Tracking is an Expensive Failure

June 28 - Minnesota cattlemen want NAIS scrapped, government intrusion ended

June 28 - Opinion: Tell 'em 'no national animal ID'

June 28 - Rancher takes on Tyson Foods

June 28 - A taste of things to come

June 28 - A New Crop of Farmers

June 28 - The Fresh Revolution

June 28 - Prices are down, yet spectre of a food crisis hangs over us all

June 28 - The Slaughter Rule

June 28 - Prices sour demand for organic milk

June 28 - Right off the farm, a fresh idea for selling daily catch

June 28 - Urban farmers on the rise

June 28 - Rebellion on the Range Over a Cattle ID Plan

June 27 - Raw milk sustains farmers, but it's still hard to find

June 27 - 'Fresh' growing in popularity despite lack of distributor

June 27 - New VT Farm-to-Plate Law Lands National Spotlight

June 26 - Food-safety rules face biggest change in years

June 26 - Food businesses face increased regulation

June 26 - Ag Sec Vilsack Announces "Healthy Garden" Workshop Series

June 25 - Casino chefs going on the hunt for local produce

June 24 - FAQs about the Food Safety Enhancement Act of 2009 (HR 2749)

June 24 - Food safety sweep

June 24 - OCA's Position on the New House Food Safety Bill - HR 2749

June 24 - Farm Aid Rallies Thousands in Urgent Call to USDA for Fair Milk Price

June 24 - 'Sustainable' dairy farmer shows big gain

June 23 - H.R. 2749 Food Safety Enhancement Act

June 23 - Local farms take mystery out of buying meat

June 22 - Meet "The Compassionate Carnivore" author, Catherine Friend

June 22 - McDonald's Europe seeks to raise farming standards

June 22 - Michelle Obama's First Harvest Gets an A Plus

June 22 - Taking Down the Corporate Food System Is Simple

June 22 - Beefing up business to beat the recession

June 22 - Adventures in Urban Farming

June 22 - Greener diet reduces dairy cows' methane burps

June 22 - 'Goat Song' by Brad Kessler; 'Farm City' by Novella Carpenter

June 22 - Attacking Hunger at Its Roots

June 19 - Don't Ignore Dairy Farmers' Pricing Problem

June 19 - Farmers markets bloom at hospitals

June 19 - Top 5 Father's Day Tips From USDA

June 19 - How to buy the best organic foods

June 19 - Vilsack concedes: Michelle Obama's garden wins

June 18 - Scary ‘Food’ for thought

June 18 - David Pfrang's NAIS testimony 6-09 - KCA strongly opposes NAIS

June 18 - Mr. Salatin Goes to Washington

June 17 - AMA Passes Resolution Supporting Sustainable Food System

June 17 - Food, Inc. will eat your lunch

June 17 - Fan of unpasteurized milk challenges those who say it's unhealthy

June 17 - USDA Report - Facts on Direct-to-Consumer Food Marketing (May 2009)

June 16 - Locally Grown Produce Finds Market Through Local Grocery Chains

June 15 - Congress Using Money as Leverage to Make NAIS Mandatory

June 15 - HR 2749 - The Food Safety Enhancement Act of 2009

June 14 - Producers rally against animal ID

June 14 - Committee pulls funds for animal ID program

June 14 - Ranchers say 'no' to mandatory animal ID

June 14 - Local Foods Week to Encourage Residents to Buy Fresh and Local Foods

June 14 - Author Michael Pollan on Food Inc. and How to Eat Well

June 14 - Reaction to organic milk ruling

June 14 - USDA Urged to Reverse Bush-Era Gag Rule that Prevented Criticism of Soda

June 12 - NAIS: Detriment to Texas agriculture

June 12 - DeLauro zeroes out funding for animal ID

June 12 - Missouri Farm Bureau member opposes mandatory NAIS

June 12 - Missouri Crowd Opposed to Mandatory NAIS

June 12 - Letter from Langdon: Surround Sound on NAIS

June 12 - Jolley: Mr. Vilsack, Were You Listening?

June 12 - Meet Your New Farmer: Hungry Corporate Giant

June 12 - 'Food, Inc.': Attention Must Be Paid To Food Supply

June 11 - Claims dismissed against Aurora Organic Dairy

June 11 - Loans from Whole Foods Help Small Producers Expand Business

June 11 - Sustainable Aquaculture: Net Profits

June 11 - Farm-to-Consumer Foundation Receives Tax Exempt Status

June 10 - USDA Holds Missouri Listening Session on Livestock Tracking System

June 10 - Farmers protest animal ID system at Mo. meeting

June 10 - Food, Inc.: The Silence of the Yams

June 10 - Farming with Grass May be Just Right for 21st Century

June 10 - Searching for fresh produce?

June 10 - UCSC grad, thinking baby food should be local and green, wins $12,000

June 10 - The Go-Betweens

June 10 - More Snohomish County farms turn to tourism to stay alive

June 9 - Stonyfield Targets Cow Burps for Emissions Reductions

June 9 - Verbatim: Food bank asks farmers, gardeners to share harvest, livestock

June 9 - USDA promises to increase focus on organics

June 8 - New film offers troubling view of US food industry

June 8 - Today, multiple answers to the familiar question: Got milk?

June 8 - Ten Things You Should Know About Raw Milk

June 8 - Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance Weighs in on NAIS

June 4 - The taste of success

June 3 - USDA starts surveillance of pigs for flu

June 3 - Coming Soon to New York City -- Rooftop Farming

June 3 - EcoChef: Organic vs. local food

June 3 - Nebraska Farm Bureau wants voluntary animal ID system

June 2 - GreenBiz: Buying local foods helps farmers, schools and the environment

June 2 - NAIS: Farmers and Ranchers Under Attack

June 2 - Rocky Mountain Farmers Union Planning to Address NAIS Concerns

June 2 - NAIS system will hurt industry competition

June 2 - Jefferson City Added to NAIS Listening Session Schedule

June 2 - Additional NAIS meetings planned

June 2 - LDF Asks USDA to Re-Focus Listening Tour for Workable Solutions

June 1 - Back to the drawing board for NAIS

June 1 - No Accident NAIS Opponents Outnumber Supporters at Listening Sessions

June 1 - Slaughterhouse One

June 1 - FOOD Share wins regional award for moving 3.5 million lbs of produce

May 29 - Opinion: In the world of trade, inaction appears to be the new pragmatism

May 29 - Vilsack supports livestock tracking to help trade

May 29 - Six More Listening Sites for NAIS Named

May 29 - Organic Dairies Watch the Good Times Turn Bad

May 28 - Animal welfare web portal launched

May 27 - Frito-Lay 'Local' Chip Campaign Features Michigan Potato Farmers

May 26 - Food Web, Meet Interweb: The Networked Future of Farms

May 26 - Lifting the Veil on Industrial Food

May 26 - Sustainable farmer featured in 2 new films

May 26 - Auction-barn fees to increase with NAIS

May 26 - Online Market for Agriculture Undergoes Testing

May 26 - Columbia commission approves Farmers' Market Pavilion

May 26 - Farm Service Agency: USDA launches food safety Web site

May 26 - A Moratorium on Genetically Manipulated (GMO) Foods

May 26 - 'Locavores' want power to shape food policy

May 22 - Sentinel Morning Update: Farmers oppose USDA plan

May 21 - New Program Connects Local Farmers with Consumers and Food Banks

May 21 - Ranchers still oppose animal ID

May 21 - Central Texas farmers voice concerns on USDA program

May 21 - NAIS study findings, accuracy questioned

May 20 - Cheese to Please: Couple morphed dairy farm into maker of coveted, artisanal food

May 20 - Kaiser Permanente farmers markets put nutrition within reach

May 20 - At Chipotle, Local is More Than Just Talk

May 20 - Localvor agriculture leads to wave of entrepreneurs

May 19 - Community Supported Agriculture Part 2

May 19 - Food Safety Working Group meets

May 19 - Cattle Ranchers Speak Out Against NAIS

May 19 - Ranchers still oppose animal ID

May 18 - Chipotle expands locally grown produce program

May 18 - Student Farmhands Propose On-campus Agriculture

May 18 - 82-year-old Black farmer arrested, charged with making terrorist threats

May 18 - More Farms Turning To Community Supported Agriculture

May 15 - NAIS Meeting Draws Impassioned Crowd

May 15 - Got raw milk? Some think you should

May 15 - First NAIS Listening Session by USDA/APHIS

May 15 - Barber grows into a farm-to-table movement darling

May 14 - Municipal planners, farmers working together

May 13 - Officials consider raw milk business

May 13 - Montrose dairy reopens 3 weeks after closure over raw milk concerns

May 13 - Modern Capitalism and the New Swine Flu Outbreak

May 12 - Agriculture Secretary Vilsack Holds Listening Session in Fort Collins on NAIS

May 12 - Hoping to Make Food Safer, States Decide to Go It Alone

May 12 - Swine Flu Reveals Flaws in Global Public Health System

May 11 - Vermont Legislature Considers Increasing Sales of Raw Milk

May 11 - USDA commissions 4- year organic dairy study

May 11 - Small growers in short supply

May 10 - Kitsap-Raised Meats May Soon Be Sold Locally

May 8 - Raw milk bill moves through Legislature

May 8 - For Locavores, a New Breed of Farm

May 8 - Judith McGeary on The Problem with NAIS

May 7 - Change in Jurisdiction of National Animal ID is Unlikely

May 7 - Joint Subcommittee Reviews NAIS

May 7 - Vilsack calls for open dialog on NAIS

May 6 - Down on the farm?

May 6 - South African GMO Crop Failure Highlights Dangers of Food Supply Domination

May 6 - Couple deliver raw milk from their farm to suburbs

May 5 - Proposal would OK owners' use of raw milk

May 5 - Agriculture Secretary Vilsack Expands "The People's Garden"

May 4 - The Swine Flu Crisis Lays Bare the Meat Industry's Monstrous Power

May 4 - See FRESH the Movie!

May 4 - Up on the farm

May 4 - Lawmakers debate raw milk legislation

May 1 - Sec. Vilsack Announces NAIS Listening Session Locations

Apr 30 - Committee says it's safe to let more 'raw' milk flow

Apr 30 - Bill would OK owners' use of raw milk

Apr 28 - Farmers, consumers, store owners fight raw milk ban

Apr 27 - The ‘crop’ of this creamery comes from grass-fed herd

Apr 27 - 'Natural patterns' of farming touted in documentary

Apr 26 - Raw milk - magic bullet or health hazard

Apr 26 - Feast on the Hill

Apr 24 - New farmers alliance champions raw milk

Apr 22 - Big Agriculture takes umbrage at Mrs Obama's organic garden

Apr 21 - Cattle ID system cost too high?

Apr 21 - Raw milk draws fans, despite being illegal to sell

Apr 20 - USDA listening tour on NAIS

Apr 20 - U.S. Cattlemen’s Association Delivers Constructive Criticism Of NAIS

Apr 20 - LMA To Vilsack: NAIS Must Maintain Speed Of Livestock Commerce

Apr 15 - NAIS vs. the Equine Owner

Apr 15 - Diversified Cropping can be as Profitable as Conventional Systems

Apr 15 - Milkman making a comeback

Apr 15 - Newsmaker Q&A: Raw milk dairy farmer Bill Coutu

Apr 14 - Germany Bans GM Maize

Apr 14 - Which came first, the egg or the permit?

Apr 13 - Is NAIS an Ag Version of Star Wars?

Apr 13 - Crisis for US beef traceback system

Apr 13 - Pennsylvania Pie Fight: State Cracks Down on Baked Goods

Apr 13 - Rep. Suder Fighting to Protect Local Farmers

Apr 10 - Should Vermont Abolish Sales Limits on Raw Milk?

Apr 9 - Judge denies request for animal ID records

Apr 7 - Milk buyers seek raw deal for the additional vitamins

Apr 6 - Wisconsin Bill to End Mandatory Premises ID needs Co-Sponsors

Apr 2 - Dairy Says FDA Harassed Workers | Lancaster Farming

Apr 2 - Lone cattleman develops Web site to oppose NAIS

Apr 1 - New food safety regulations must protect interests of small sustainable farms

Apr 1 - Devil in the Milk: Illness, Health, and the Politics of A1 and A2 Milk

Apr 1 - Raw milk debate rekindling in Missouri legislature

Apr 1 - NAIS Will Hamper Cattle Disease Traceback Efforts

Mar 30 - Glenn Beck 3/27/09: Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009 - HR 875

Mar 28 - Trafficking in Raw Milk

Mar 27 –  Tim Wightman Interview on Glenn Beck Show

Mar 22 - Raw Milk Is Gaining Fans, but the Science Says It's Dangerous

Mar 22 - Michelle Obama's White House Garden Good First Step in Supporting Sustainable Agriculture

Mar 20 - Obamas to Plant Vegetable Garden at White House

Mar 18 - Judge rules U.S. almonds must be pasteurized

Mar 17 - Lose your property for growing food?

Mar 17 - Opposing NAIS

Mar 14 - Economic Benefits for Maryland Farmers in Proposed Cow-Share Legislation

Mar 14 - Livestock tracing bill could be end of family farms, ranches

Mar 12 - R-CALF USA testimony on NAIS

Mar 11 - Michelle Obama’s Agenda Includes Healthful Eating

Mar 10 - Tag, We’re It

Mar 6 - USDA Bets the Farm on Animal ID Program

Mar 6 - Milk Wars

Mar 6 - More dairies going raw, citing benefits of unpasteurized milk - The Boston Globe

Mar 5 Congressional Hearing on NAIS, March 11

Mar 5 – USDA  Comment Period Ends March 16

Mar 4 - National Small Farm Lobby Day and Legislative Reception

Mar 3 - Online farmers' markets spring up in Lehigh Valley, Warren County

Mar 2 - HR 875 - The Federal Take-Over of Food Regulation

Feb 22 – Swallow Peanuts, But Choke on Raw Milk?

Feb 20 - Md. Bill Would Permit Cow Ownership Agreements

Feb 19 - Relaxed goats' milk standards designed to encourage switch from cows

Feb 17 -  Legislation Introduced to Restore Maryland Agriculture

Feb 17 - Raw milk debate

Feb 14 - Martha Stewart visits the Smith Family Farm in Maine to show you the inner workings of an organic dairy farm.

Feb 14 - Old McDonald Had a Farm...and He Got Arrested? by David E. Gumpert

Feb 13 - Got Raw Milk? It Oughta Be Your Choice

Feb 13 - FTCLDF provides testimony before the Environment Committee of the Connecticut General Assembly

Feb 10 - Willis, others oppose raw milk sales restrictions

Feb 1 - Ron Paul Introduces Bill to End Interstate Raw Milk Ban

Jan 31 - Milk Martyr

Jan 28 - The Great Cow-Sharing Debate

Jan 28 - Cow Boarding-A CSA for Dairy Farmers

Jan 28 - The pork behind the pomp

Jan 27 - Renegade dairy farmer takes on role as lawyer, defending himself

Jan 27 - US: Farmers Urged to 'Become Activists' for Agriculture

Jan 26 - Raw milk crusader returns to court to fight charges stemming from 2006 raid

Jan 26 - Stricter raw milk rules threaten farmers

Jan 26 - Dairy farmers worrying about proposed milk rules

Jan 26 - Area dairies find raw milk boosts profits

Jan 23 - Legal Defense Fund Calls for Obama Administration to Permanently Stop USDA Animal Identification Rule

Jan 23 - Raw Milk and the Sour State

Jan 23 - White House Rural Agenda

Jan 22 - Restoring Raw Almonds from California

CT - Jan 20 - Action Alert: Raw Milk Threatened

Jan 20 - FDA Announcement

Jan 20 - National Animal ID System Explained in 8 Minutes

Jan 20 - Dairy farmers worrying about proposed milk rules

Jan 20 - Stricter raw milk rules threaten farmers

Jan 16 - USDA Publishes Proposed Rule on NAIS

Jan 16 - Raw milk becoming more popular with consumers, dairies

Jan 14 - Bug Crazy: Assessing The Benefits of Probiotics

Jan 13 - Dear Canada: Michael Schmidt is Not a Criminal

Jan 13 - SWAT Teams in Amish Country: Listen Today!

Jan 12 - Raw Milk: What's the Risk?

Jan 7 - USDA Issues New Memo But.....Still Plans to Register People’s Property

Jan 7 - USDA seeking veterinarians' help in promoting NAIS

Jan 7 - Ohio AG Dept. & State’s Top Cop Sued for Food Co-Op Raid

Jan 1 - Aussie Beef Slumps 17% in Korea as US Beef Surges