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News 2011

February 27 - How Dangerous Is Raw Milk vs...

February 27 - Vermont's Raw Dairy Farmers Are Doing a Booming Business...

February 27 - The Power of Numbers in the War Over Raw Dairy...

February 27 - Third Annual International Raw Milk Symposium May 7, 2011...

February 27 - Dairy producers gather for lobby day

February 27 - Raw milk debate simmers as states, FDA mull rules

February 27 - My View: Raw milk is good for us

February 27 - New State Raw Milk Association Formed

February 27 - FDA uses flawed analysis to target raw milk cheese

February 27 - Inspectors won't pursue raw milk farm during court battle

February 27 - Michael Schmidt: A Modern Day Canadian Hero

February 27 - From Food Crisis to Food Sovereignty: The Challenge of Social Movements

February 27 - USDA Approved Monsanto Alfalfa Despite..

February 27 - Monsanto Shifts ALL Liability to Farmers

February 27 - Is Monsanto's Roundup Herbicide Causing Miscarriages in Animals?

February 24 - FTCLDF On The Air with Judith McGeary & Stuart Veldhuizen

February 22 - Herdshare Bill Needs Support in Massachusetts

February 21 - Emergency! Pathogen New to Science Found in Roundup Ready GM Crops?

February 18 - Vermont Ag Agency halts raw milk workshops

February 18 - In Clean, Green, Serene Vermont, Ag Agency Threatens...

February 18 - Raw milk bill high on agenda...

February 18 - State wants dairy farmer Hartmann held in contempt

February 18 - Budding Calif. Cheese Industry Gets Grilled By FDA

February 18 - Why Farmers Are Worried About GE Alfalfa Deregulation

February 18 - Fluid Milk Sales in Crisis

February 13 - Morningland Challenges Standard Food Police Practices...

February 13 - And Now for the Rest of the Story on Illnesses from Raw Milk Cheese...

February 13 - Plain make illegal N.Y. milk runs

February 13 - Raw milk could be sold in New Jersey under proposed bill

February 13 - Farmer in raw dairy case due for contempt of court hearing

February 13 - BBC to Air The Food Show on Raw Milk

February 13 - Is Raw Milk Safe to Drink?

February 7 - Dairies seek to deliver raw milk

February 7 - Oregon House Ag Committee hears lots of debate about raw milk, farmers' markets

February 7 - Raw milk bill sparks heated debate

February 7 - Minnesota Introduces Bill to Ease Raw Milk Restrictions

February 7 - Amish Smugglers' Shady Milk Run

February 7 - The Raw Milk Debate: Which Side Are You On?

February 7 - How Government Regulations Hurt Small Farms

February 7 - Raw-milk producers take the initiative on pathogen testing

February 7 - Raw Milk Cheesemakers Fret Over Possible New Rules

February 7 - FDA ramps up scrutiny on a new area: Cheese

February 7 - The One Question the FDA and Its Media and Legal Apologists Are Afraid to Address...

February 7 - Ed Shank Celebrates Being Back in Business Selling Raw Milk...

February 7 - As Raw Milk and Food Rights Initiatives Spread...

February 1 - Got (raw) milk?

February 1 - Rising commodity prices and extreme weather events threaten global stability

January 29 - Setting Its Own Standards...

January 29 - Why Not Try to Learn from Tragedies Involving Raw Milk? Because That Would Involve True Scientific Inquiry

January 29 - Raw Milk Vending Machines in Europe – What a Great Idea!

January 29 - More Raw Milk Bans Challenged

January 29 - Minn. lawmakers want to ease limits on raw milk sales

January 29 - Pop The Gate For Raw Milk Sales

January 29 - Freedom from pasteurization

January 29 - USDA Approves Genetically Engineered Alfalfa—Now What?

January 24 - Morningland Dairy Trial Nearly Complete

January 24 - Got (raw) milk?

January 24 - Dairy farmer to challenge raw-milk rules

January 24 - Consumers have the right to choose their own milk

January 24 - Monsanto’s latest farmwashing ad campaign debuts

January 24 - NY dairy recalls improperly pasteurized milk

January 24 - How Can We Feed the World and Still Save the Planet?

January 20 - U.K. organic milk better for you than conventional, thanks to cows’ grass-based diet

January 20 - Worldwatch Report Reveals Real Agricultural Solutions

January 20 - Wyoming defeats, Georgia introduces Food Freedom Act

January 20 - Trial held for Howell County cheese maker

January 20 - Health concerns don't dampen enthusiasm for raw milk

January 20 - Dairy farmer to challenge raw-milk rules

January 20 - Wyo. committee rejects "food freedom" bill

January 20 - Our Theoretical Rights Don't Yet Mean a Lot in the Real World...

January 20 - Sure, Growing Push for Raw Dairy Standards Faces Major Hurdles...

January 20 - Conservative Congressmen Lobby Hard for GE Alfalfa

January 18 - Why Raw Milk Producers Should Care About Quality, Safety Standards...

January 18 - State says condemned raw milk is missing from Gibbon farm

January 18 - Food “Safety” Bill Empowers Monsanto to Control Food Industry‏

January 18 - Booming business: Area dairymen who sell raw - unpasteurized - milk can't meet growing demand

January 18 - California county allows marijuana, but not raw milk

January 18 - Food Integrity Now – Sally Fallon and Kristin Canty – Farmageddon

January 18 - WikiLeaked Messages Show U.S. Diplomats Pressuring EU to Accept GMO Crops

January 18 - The ‘food bubble’ is bursting, says Lester Brown, and biotech won’t save us

January 18 - Vermont Takes Action to Resist FDA Take Over With a Resolution All Should Adopt

January 14 - The Food Rights Hour - Real Food & Homeopathy - Dr. Kaayla Daniel with Joette Calabrese

January 14 - State wants dairy farmer Hartmann held in contempt

January 14 - Get milk—raw and in demand

January 14 - County sued by newspaper over raw milk probe

January 14 - Raw Milk Fans Should Read Ayn Rand

January 14 - Not for Human Consumption?

January 14 - More on the “nuisance” of raw milk in Alberta

January 14 - You have been lied to about butter

January 14 - 90 percent of Americans are nutrient deficient...

January 14 - The American Fast Food Syndrome

January 12 - Raw milk farmer wins victory against county over 'illegal' sales

January 12 - Why Is Humboldt County Having More Difficulty Accepting Raw Milk Than Marijuana?

January 12 - In the Wake of Humboldt County's Rejection of Raw Milk, a Possible Local Workaround?

January 12 - Walker Says He May Support Bill to Legalize Raw Milk Sales

January 12 - Supes uphold raw milk status quo

January 12 - Morningland Dairy In Court—Day 1

January 12 - Good riddance to milk charge

January 12 - Will new law cream dairies?

January 12 - Schmidt expanding his fight to legalize raw milk

January 12 - Michael Schmidt reports from Alberta Health Board hearing today in Edmonton

January 12 - Where Government Fails...

January 12 - The Beltway’s Biggest Scofflaw: The USDA Repeatedly Violates its Own Rules on GMO Crops

January 9 - Gov. Walker, "I'll Sign Raw Milk Bill With Safeguards"

January 9 - Raw milk issue could resurface in Legislature

January 9 - Judge dismisses charges against Laclede County farmer in raw milk case

January 9 - New Vancouver-area raw milk cowshare announced — Triple A Dairy

January 9 - The Laws on Raw Milk Are Vague for a Reason...

January 9 - History of the Estrella Family Creamery

January 9 - USDA Poised to Approve Genetically Engineered Alfalfa

January 5 - Colorado Public Health Officials Go On the Warpath...

January 5 - Obama Signs Food Safety Reform Bill. Now Who Will Pay for It?

January 5 - An Irony of Raw Milk

January 5 - Wyoming Legislature considers food regulation

January 4 - Bring raw milk industry udderly out in the open

January 4 - Funding to meet requirements of food safety law yet to be found

January 4 - Tester gets feedback from farmers about food safety, farm bill

January 3 - NY Ag Officials Dance and Shuffle...

January 3 - The Witch-Hunt that's Taking it To One of America's Healthiest Food Choices...

January 3 - Raw milk dairy tries to sidestep injunction by labeling products cosmetics

January 3 - Raw milk proposal could return in February

January 3 - New food safety rules exempt small farms

January 3 - Food Safety Bill Funding in Jeopardy

January 3 - Funding fight looms over newly passed food-safety legislation

January 3 - Sustainable Farming Advocate Fired by USDA National Organic Program