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Bright outlook for Scotland’s food and drink industry

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Food and drink industry jobs in Scotland are expected to gain from an increased demand for local, seasonal produce.  

The new Scottish Opinion survey of over 1,000 people revealed that 60% of Scots intended to buy or consume more local food over the holiday period. Additionally, 17% said "eating more healthily" would be their New Year Resolution.

The government has increased its support for this growth industry with a variety of initiatives, including a £20 million Food Processing, Marketing and Co-operation (FPMC) scheme, which has created and protected around 4,000 jobs in Scotland.

Other plans include a new Retailers' Charter which asks major supermarkets to commit to stocking more Scottish produce; and a pledge by government to use only locally sourced beef, lamb, milk and chicken in its canteens.

Rural Affairs Secretary Richard Lochhead thinks it is “fantastic” that so many Scots are recognising the value and importance of choosing local food and drink.

“There is a growing appetite for Scottish produce at home and abroad - the number of shoppers buying locally produced food has almost doubled in just three years," he said.

"We already know that more people are cooking at home from scratch during the recession. According to Scotland Food & Drink 37% of people expect to buy more local food over the next few years - which is encouraging news for our farmers, fishermen and producers.” 

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