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California Raw Milk Veto: Update from Mark McAfee

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Mark McAfee, farmer and owner of Organic Pastures Dairy posted the following two comments on The Complete Patient blog today:

1. SB 201 (with a new number and name) will be revived in January 2009 with renewed life and vigor.

Until then, we survive and battle. The warden is being very harsh right now, we will “turn the other cheek in compliance” and let Gary Cox give them a piece of their own hate in December when Assembly woman Nicole Parra (D) and Assemblyman Tom Berryhill (R) testify and defend their words spoken on the record in the State Assembly Hearings.

Nicole stated that “if AB 1735 stands it would be over my dead body” and Tom Berryhil said that CDFA (California Department of Food and Agriculture) “heads should roll” for deceiving the legislature. There will be a day when all is atoned.

Looks like sales will go up again. Whenever we are crucified, consumers love us even more. Raw milk is a truth that will take more than this to kill.

There will be no re-vote to overturn the CDFA motivated veto.
The members of legislature would need to return for the extra special vote and they are now adjourned for this session.

It appears that Arnold did sign other legislation to correct other flaws in AB1735 (Galgiani). But his SB 201 veto statement written by his handlers at CDFA mocked the hearings and raw milk moms testimonies and efforts as “acts of lobbying and public relations”.

Truly hateful words drafted by horrible people at CDFA. How could anyone look a raw milk mom in the eye and say that what they believe is a farce or worse.

Please read the whole veto statement. It stinks of CDFA and FDA corruption.

Arnold never heard a single thing we said.

I am going to take a chapter from the Amish and forgive Dr. Stephen Beam CDFA and John Sheehan of the FDA for their acts of treachery. They do not know what they have done and or who they have hurt by their cowardly secret corrupt acts.

For now we will turn the other cheak and keep our chins up….
….I promise that raw milk will flow…what ever it takes.

Senator Dean Florez has promised a new bill in 2009 and it will be a great one….we have learned much from this tragic political episode. We will carry these lessons forward.

Mark McAfee

2. Victory is ours….

….CDFA PhDs are more interested in their own salaries, FDA pats on the back, career enhancement, awaiting their own pathetic retirements and making their Winnebago payments. Show me one CDFA PhD that is loved by a consumer….they do not exist.

We are interested in human health, freedom and greater things. Our goals will far outlive theirs.

Ours are eternal and true….no veto will deny us this.

Mark McAfee

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