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News for September 02, 2010

Rodents, Contamination Found At 2 Egg Farms

Federal health inspection reports released Monday show numerous violations at the egg factories involved in the massive egg recall this month. There was considerable evidence of rodent infestations and other unsanitary conditions. The Food and Drug Administration said it's unclear whether the level of violations was greater than what might be expected at a large operation like this.


With Salmonella, It's A Chicken-Or-Egg Conundrum

If eggs could talk, they might say it's not their fault. Eggs get contaminated because the hen that is laying them is infected. Eggs themselves, if they come from a healthy bird, are remarkably resistant to contamination, as Anna Vigran reports.

ANNA VIGRAN: John Ingraham's backyard is pretty typical for suburban Sacramento, except for the large chicken coop tucked in-between the clothesline and the gleaming pool. Its 13 residents strut proudly and keep John up to date with their news.





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