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Coming Soon to New York City -- Rooftop Farming

By Natural Resources Defense Council

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Often overlooked, the agricultural sector is particularly sensitive to fluctuating energy costs and demands. Take California for example, it takes 4% of the state's electricity in order to produce, process, and store approximately 200 food and fiber crops. There is a clear opportunity for energy efficiency on a larger scale to enhance the production and quality of one of our most vital resources-food. Just imagine efficient, high-yield, year round vegetable production in premium urban marketplaces. Well New York City no longer has to wait; I would like to introduce you to Gotham Greens Farms LLC (Gotham Greens).

Established in September of 2008, Gotham Greens was born creating New York City's first commercial-scale hydroponic rooftop farm. The 12,000 ft facility will be installed on the roof of a single story building in Jamaica, Queens. This rooftop farm will grow over 30 tons of premium-quality fruit and vegetables for New York City retail and restaurant markets utilizing commercially proven Controlled Environment Agriculture techniques with unique energy saving innovations. By using on-site photovoltaic equipment for electrical needs while capturing waste heat, therefore the harvest approaches carbon neutrality. This is tremendously exciting in the world of energy efficiency!

Gotham Greens uses progressive energy efficient and sustainable agricultural techniques. They irrigate their crops with captured rainwater while minimizing their electrical load by using natural ventilation, evaporative cooling, and high-efficiency pumps and fans. Therefore, environmental benefits include land and water savings coupled with the elimination of fertilizer, pesticide, and stormwater runoff.

Recent first place winners of the Green Business Competition, the managing partners of Gotham Greens include Viraj Puri and Eric Haley accompanied by Jennifer Nelkin, the Greenhouse Director. This innovative business model offers tremendous promise for energy efficiency while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and demonstrates a paradigm shift in our approach to urban agriculture-kudos to Gotham Greens!

For additional details on Gotham Greens, please visit:

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