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Maryland embracing raw milk cheese


EASTON, Md., Oct. 2 (UPI) -- A couple in Easton, Md., say they have created the first legal batch of raw milk cheese in Maryland as part of a new test project by the state.

Dairy farmer Eric Foster and his wife, Holly, created the raw milk cheese this week at Chapel's Country Creamery to help their dairy farm survive increased competition from larger milk producers, The Baltimore Sun reported Friday.

"This is the worst dairy crisis that's occurred in the last 100 years," said Foster, who sells milk at nearly $1.17 a gallon after once enjoying sale prices as high as $2.40 a gallon. "It's just a bad spiral."

To help Maryland dairy farmers, the state is allowing several farmers to produce raw milk cheese in a test project. The project requires the cheese products to be properly aged for 60 days.

The Sun said raw milk products were previously outlawed in Maryland due to health concerns.

Laurie Bucher, chief of milk control for Maryland's Office of Food Protection and Consumer Health Services, said the aging period for the dairy goods should make the cheese grow acidic, killing off any dangerous bacteria.


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