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News for September 04, 2010

Local egg farms scramble to keep up with demand following nationwide egg recall

A nationwide egg recall involving more than 500 million eggs, is prompting consumers around the country and here in Northern Michigan to take a closer look at the origin of their food.

It’s has also created a jump in business for a Northern Michigan egg farm, forcing it to scramble to keep up with demand.

The egg recall began on Aug. 13, when two massive egg producers in Iowa voluntarily recalled their eggs because of reports of salmonella contamination.

The Food and Drug Administration reports that approximately 2,000 people have reported becoming sick after eating eggs contaminated by the bacteria.

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Dairy drops state license

Calling Oregon Department of Agriculture's policies misguided, owners of the Siskiyou Crest Goat Dairy on Monday voluntarily renounced their state-sanctioned Grade A creamery dairy license.

In addition to giving up the highest ODA rating achievable for an Oregon dairy, Michael "Mookie" Moss and his father, Roger, co-owners of Boone's Farm half a dozen miles south of Jacksonville, launched a herd share program — allowing customers to own a portion of the herd — to make it easier for them to provide raw milk and other raw dairy products.

"As a community-based dairy, we are proud to have met and exceeded Oregon's Grade A standard," Michael Moss said. "However, the licenses that earned us a Grade A standard came at a cost."

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Yes to raw milk

The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors will hear a presentation on letting local dairymen sell raw milk products to Humboldt consumers on Tuesday at 9:30 a.m. Citizens are requesting Ordinance 512.4 be rescinded. Please attend this meeting to show your support.

This ordinance does not stop anyone from consuming raw milk. The Public Health Department can do nothing about it. Anyone who owns a cow or is part owner can consume the milk from that animal under a legal contractual arrangement allowed in all 50 States. The disadvantage of a cow share program is the milk isn't inspected.

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Will Prince Charles finish what he has started?

He's the second most senior member of one of the highest-consuming families on the planet, and yet he is about to launch a campaign to persuade us to "lead more sustainable lives". It's no surprise that the Prince of Wales is already being berated for so-called "Let them eat Duchy Original cake" comments as he embarks on the most extraordinary two weeks of public advocacy of his 40 years of environmental campaigning.

It starts on Monday with a five-day tour around the country, a 21st-century version, perhaps, of the old Royal Progress. But whereas Elizabeth I used to require 400 carts and carriages to carry her staff – and stuff – the Prince will be using the Royal Train, adapted to run on waste vegetable oil. And rather than setting out, like the Virgin Queen, to show himself to the populace, he is aiming to showcase what others are doing.

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Finding markets for small farmers, food safety dominate candidates debate

ATLANTA -- Finding markets for small farmers and safeguarding food safety were the top issues when the three candidates for agriculture commissioner met for their first debate.

The forum Thursday night drew 600 people to the campus of Emory University for an event sponsored by the school, the University of Georgia College of Agriculture and several organic-farming groups. Democrat JB Powell, Republican Gary Black and Libertarian Kevin Cherry agreed on their desire to help small farmers and the challenge of maintaining food-processor inspections with the expected 10-percent budget cut the Department of Agriculture is expecting next year.

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