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Bully tactics infuriate her

By Chilliwack Times


I am writing in regards to your article about the health officials attempting to shut down the cow-share program in Chilliwack.

This goverment bullying infuriates me to no end. I choose to drink raw milk because of the many health benefits and because I choose to give my family real food.

I am sure that the real reason they are trying to shut down this cow-share program is because of the other dairy farmers who are worried that less people will consume their inferior, pasteurized and homogenized versions of milk.

But the truth is that my family would rather avoid milk completely than to buy the typical store milk. So even if they take away my raw milk, they are not getting my money in their greedy pockets. And I know that many other raw milk drinkers feel the same. The fact is that my husband can't drink homogenized milk without breaking out in painful zits--it is a health hazard for him--whereas he can immediately feel the health benefits when he drinks raw milk from healthy cows.

Canada is supposed to be a free country. I am proud to be a Canadian in so many ways, but our health officials are idiotic. I spoke with the health inspector the first time that he tried to shut down the little cow-share in Chilliwack. I was a member when they only had their first cow.

I told him that the cow-share owners own part of the cow(s). It is nobody else's business to decide if it is a health risk or not. It is up to the cow-share owner to decide.

I gave the Chilliwack health inspector the example of a friend who owns her own horse, but doesn't have any land of her own, so she pays someone else to feed and house it and she rides the horse only on weekends. Guess what? The horse kicked her off and she broke an arm. But who is telling her that she can only ride the horse if it is on her own land in her own care, and that she can't pay someone else to take care of her horse for her? Nobody, that's who.

So I don't have to convince any health inspector that raw milk is healthy. It is my choice, my cow (share) and my life. Stay out of it you government bullies.

Linda Meadows,


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