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Organics on the Grow at Midwest Farm Shows

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MADISON, Wisc. – Is the non-traditional becoming more traditional when it comes to sustainable and organic farming? Traditional farm shows in Wisconsin and across the Midwest didn't pay much attention to organics in the past. However, as more information and groups promoting organic farming take part in them, Todd Benz of Cygnus Farm Shows says that is starting to change.

"People have become more educated; there's a lot more communication out there. People are understanding there's the opportunity for traditional agriculture and organic and sustainable to coexist."

Benz says the two groups of farmers rarely commingled in the past, but that's changing as groups like the Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service (MOSES) opt to participate in traditional shows. The old thinking pitted the two groups of farmers against each other, but that is changing, too, Benz adds.

"Some folks saw organics as a threat. They weren't looking at it as a capability of providing a really wonderful produce food product."

Now Benz sees groups on both sides of farming philosophy working to find common ground.

"We have, you know, groups like MOSES that totally get it - and it is a very good organization to work with. Other groups are slowly but surely coming on board."

Cygnus Farm Shows produces farm events in Minnesota, Texas, South Dakota and Illinois.

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