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Raw Milk Dumped At Capitol Protest

By Zac Schultz |

Raw Milk Dumped At Capitol Protest

Madison: A local dairy farmer says the state is putting him out of business, so he's dumping his milk at the Capitol.

"My name is Scott Trautman and I'm a proud dairyman from the State of Wisconsin." Scott Trautman made a life change in 2003 when he decided to get into farming. Six years later he's says the state is trying to put him out of business. "I've been shut down."

Trautman says he's been milking organic jerseys for two years. He says the major milk producers won't pick up his product anymore, because they fear he's selling raw milk on the side, which is illegal.

He's had to dump his milk since October 16th, so Saturday he decided to dump it at the Capitol. "Less than an hour ago I was milking my beautiful cows at my farm, my healthy cows. There's nothing wrong with my milk. Nothing. Here's what happens when you take on food safety. You're ending up like this," says Scott as he dumped his milk. "My milk. Gone."

Trautman wants the legislature to legalize the sale of raw milk. Lawmakers at the Capitol aren't totally unsympathetic towards Scott's situation. But they say they're still concerned about safety. "I have farmer friends of mine that drink milk right off the farm that's unpasteurized, and there's no problem for them," says Rep. Gary Hebl (D-Sun Prairie). "But when you sell to the public there's a reason why milk is pasteurized, and that's for safety."

But Trautman says safety isn't an issue. It's legal for the farmer to drink, he just can't sell it. "Legal," says Scott, holding a glass of milk to his chest, "Illegal," he says while extending the glass towards a stranger. "Milk didn't change. What changed? Profit for the farmer. That's good organic jersey milk."

Scott Trautman says if it was legal he could sell organic raw milk for about $6 a gallon. He says it's a niche market that small dairy farmers like him could use to survive

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