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Sustainable Agriculture Video Released by NCGA

Family farmers tell the story of better management and modern technology.

By American Agriculturist

A new National Corn Growers Association video on the subject of increasing sustainability in agriculture has made its debut. The short video features family farmers telling the story of how better management and modern technology spells good news for both consumers and the environment.

"Sustainability isn't some buzz word or novelty for a corn grower," said NCGA President Darrin Ihnen of Hurley, S.D. "We are living this every day and trying to do a better job with each crop we grow."

The reason corn is being grown in a responsible manner is people. Every day on Earth the population grows by more than 200,000 people. That is 150 new people every minute. In the next 40 years the global population will exceed 9 billion people, up from 6.7 billion people today. NCGA says family farmers are making rapid progress toward meeting the needs of a growing world and doing it with the environment in mind.


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