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The Farmers' Market, Reimagined as a Neighborhood Food Truck

By Ariel Schwartz | Fast Company

farmers market

As the local food trend grows, so does consumer demand for farmers' markets. But as it stands, farmers' markets are mostly the domain of middle and upper-class neighborhoods. GOOD and The Architect's Newspaper aim to change that with the Redesign Your Farmers' Market competition, a challenge that asked designers to figure out ways to effectively sell fresh, local produce to urban residents. The winning entry, chosen today from 22 finalists, is Farm on Wheels, designed by Mia Lehrer and Associates.

farmer smarket

The Farm on Wheels concept features a fleet of electric trucks that dispatch produce from a vast network of local farms to residents of Los Angeles. A centralized farmer's market dishes out fruits and vegetable for the electric trucks, which travel to underserved areas throughout the city, fresh farm food in tow.

Other finalists include the New City Center for Urban Farming, a farmer's market hub that contains a greenhouse, farmer's market, data center, and information center, and the Urban Field Farm Stop, which imagines bus stops redesigned as mini farmer's markets.

Mia Lehrer and Associates won't, unfortunately, receive any funding for their winning design, but the Farm on Wheels concept will be published in both GOOD Magazine and The Architect's Newspaper. But who knows--maybe one day, farmer's market trucks will become as ubiquitous as neighborhood ice cream trucks

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