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News for January 10, 2010

A Young Reader Weighs In: The Omnivore’s Dilemma, Young Reader’s Edition

Michael Pollan wrote The Omnivore’s Dilemma when I was too young to read it — honestly I may still be too young to read it at thirteen. The new version, the Young Readers Edition, is written for us kids. The book begins with a really great introduction that puts into words what you might be thinking: “I never gave much thought to where my food came from. I didn’t spend much time worrying about what I should and shouldn’t eat. Food came from the supermarket and as long as it tasted good, I ate it.” I felt that way in the beginning, too. It’s food, why worry about it. ‘People’ wouldn’t let us eat food that is bad for us, right? Unfortunately this is not the case, and Mr. Pollan’s book can help kids understand why.


Halal food for your thought

Happy New Year and happy business to everyone!

2009 quietly exited for many local businessmen, most of them just thankful that they have survived another bad year, after 2008. Quickly summarizing, some of the sectors that did well for 2009 include banking, construction, franchising, the service sector which includes the BPOs and call centers, and to some extent the tourism industry.


Protection of Food Supply Faces Problems

(CBS)  When it comes to agriculture, America is indeed the land of plenty. Foods raised here and imported from around the world provide greater abundance and choice than ever before. But while our foods are bountiful, they're also inconsistently regulated.


Is the Obama administration about to eat the foodies’ lunch?

These are heady times for foodies—you know, the people who love farmers markets and community supported agriculture (CSAs), and hate Big Ag. They’ve turned the documentary movies “Food Inc.” and “Fresh!” into big hits. And they’ve turned “Slow food” into a generic term (there actually is an organization by that name that boasts more than 100,000 members in 132 countries).


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