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Albert’s Organics now utilizing NASA Food Safety Air Sanitation

KES Science & Technology, Inc. (KES), a leading global provider and innovator of postharvest preservation technology, announces Albert’s Organics will now utilize the NASA-developed AiroCide PPT Food Safety air sanitation technology. Because airborne cross-contamination poses a potential threat to food safety, the chemical-free AiroCide system, which kills airborne mold, fungi, bacteria and viruses as well as removes volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), like ethylene gas, provides added protection to enhance quality assurance programs.

Albert’s Organics has been a pioneer in the organic fresh foods industry since opening their doors in 1982. Since then they have grown to become America’s largest, most knowledgeable organic fresh foods specialist with distribution centers in California, Colorado, Florida, New Hampshire, Minnesota, New Jersey and coming next month to North Carolina. They deliver to all major metropolitan cities, most regions in the continental U.S., and to many areas in Canada.

Albert’s Organics was the first Certified Organic distributor with nationwide coverage. This gives them the ability to trace any product sold through their distribution channels back to its source. They are inspected annually by Quality Assurance International (QAI) to maintain our Certified Organic status.
Albert's Organics maintains an in-stock status of over 350 seasonal fruits and vegetables and other organic perishables in our distribution centers providing product to 5000 natural food stores, supermarkets and restaurants across America.

Scott Dennis, Albert’s VP of Business Development, explained that they decided on the AiroCide Food Safety Air Sanitation technology because it has a proven track record of delivering on its promise. “We believe it is the finest Food Safety Sanitation system using the most state-of-the-art technology,” according to Dennis.

For more information about Albert’s Organics, visit their website at or contact Scott Dennis (Vice President, Business Development) at 800-899-5944 ext 63327 or [email protected] 

The AiroCide technology is not a filtration system. The patented technology, integrated with Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO), works in unison to destroy harmful airborne microbes and dismantle volatile organic compounds (VOC), like ethylene gas. Clinical studies show a 99% plus kill rate for microbials and removal of VOC’s. The AiroCide technology is a FDA listed class II medical device that is also used the medical health care industry. AiroCide is energy efficient, as it was originally designed for the NASA space station program to successfully conduct astroculture experiments that required air free of mold spores and ethylene gas. 

AiroCide PPT is manufactured and distributed by Atlanta, GA. based KES Science and Technology, Inc.  KES has supplied the grocery and other food industries with perishable preservation technologies for more than 20 years. For more information please visit or or contact Jimmy Lee at [email protected]

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