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News for June 11, 2010

Minn. dairy farm denies responsibility for E. coli outbreak

A southern Minnesota dairy farm fired back today at allegations that its unpasteurized milk was linked to a recent E. coli outbreak.

In a statement, the Hartmann Dairy Farm stressed that a Department of Health investigation did not turn up any E. coli-tainted milk.

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Raw milk issue heads to courts as farmers file lawsuits

The shelves and refrigerated cases of Kay and Wayne Craig's small members-only grocery are stocked with bulk grains, eggs and organically fed chicken, turkey and beef that they raise and pasture on their Grassway Organic Farm.

You won't find raw milk there, but the fact that they sell it to store members from the bulk tank elsewhere on their farm in Calumet County has landed them in a dispute with the state that threatens the store and represents the latest front in an ongoing battle over the sale of raw, unpasteurized milk in Wisconsin.

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USDA Announces 'People’s Garden' in Maryland

"Last year, I decided to visibly remind folks that gardening is at the front and center of what we do here at USDA," said Secretary Vilsack. "To have 'People's Gardens' in every state is a tremendous achievement and just one example of the dedication and commitment of all USDA employees in collaboration with their communities. But the ideas behind the 'People's Garden' were not born here in Washington - and we will continue to ensure that they are adopted and improved upon in communities across the country."

To meet this goal, the Secretary challenged all employees to create a 'People's Garden' at their USDA office or in their local communities. USDA is partnering with hundreds of organizations at the local level and most of these partners are recipients of the food grown in the gardens. Last year, with only 124 'People’s Gardens,' USDA donated over 34,000 pounds of produce to local charities.


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