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News for November 11, 2010

Michael Schmidt shuts down Alberta cowshare farm over not meeting Cow Share Canada operating standards

In a surprise move, Raw Milk Advocate Michael Schmidt announces today that he has put a stop to the Alberta cow share operation which has been in the news lately because it did not meet the basic standards required under the Cow Share Canada guidelines.

Michael went to visit the operation Monday November 8, following a media conference he held at the Alberta Legislature.

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Volunteers Needed for Milk Study in Columbus, Wooster

More people are choosing to drink raw milk these days, and Ohio State University researchers are hoping to find out why.

They are looking for 120 people who drink either raw or pasteurized milk to take part in a study this fall being conducted in Columbus and Wooster. Volunteers will be asked to meet with researchers twice -- to complete a written survey, take part in a health assessment, supply a four-day dietary intake record, provide a sample of milk they normally drink, and take part in a 1.5-hour-long focus group session. They will be paid $50 for their time and trouble.

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