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News for December 13, 2010

Raw milk advocates push back against state officials

Raw milk drinkers are angry over the state's raid and confiscation of hundreds of gallons of raw milk at a drop site in the Twin Cities this week.

They want the government to legalize sales of unpasteurized milk, and they're taking a wide range of positions on how to work toward that goal, everything from legislative action to civil disobedience.


The bill that won't die: S510 (hide your raw milk)!

Food Bill S510* is back in the Senate, after the House hid an amendment in an appropriations bill last night. The closure (now known as H.R. 3082) has passed and is now one step closer to becoming the nightmare those loving their food freedom fear.

If the bill passes, as many as 4,000 new FDA agents will be hired, beefing up the already omnipotent agency. This bill hides behind a "food safety" issue; however, all the most recently publicized issues, with food safety, have come from industrial farms.

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Food-safety bill a bad idea

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., reportedly is pursuing a vote on a massive expansion of food regulation. Proponents contend the very security of America's food supply is at stake. Rhetoric aside, the nation's food supply has never been safer, thanks largely to technological advances and market forces. Consequently, granting vast new powers to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) would raise the cost of food without increasing consumer protection.

Spanning about 150 pages, the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act, sponsored by Rep. Rosa DeLauro, D-3rd District, would authorize the FDA to dictate how farmers grow fruits and vegetables. It even would include rules governing soil, water, hygiene, packing, temperatures, and what animals may roam which fields and when. It also would increase inspections of food "facilities" and tax them to do so. And, fulfilling the dream of a long line of agency officials, the bill grants the FDA unilateral authority to order recalls.

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The state has no place in the pantries of the nation

In this week’s Post, constitutional lawyer Karen Selick reproached the police for their aggressive treatment of a hunter who butchers his own pork, well within food and safety guidelines, packaging it for his own needs and for a friend who buys for his own consumption. He did not know that what he was doing had been illegal for the past five years. There are two issues here: the first is the right of people to prepare animal products for themselves (legal) and to sell small amounts to friends (a 2005 regulation disallows dressed products going off your property) ; the second is the heavy-handed actions of the police in dealing with the “butcher’s” transgression of a regulation he didn’t know he was breaking.

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