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SWAT Teams in Amish Country: Listen Today!

Jordana Huber , Canwest News Service

Published: Friday, January 09, 2009

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What are SWAT teams doing in Amish country? Why are small organic family farms being raided? Jonas Stoltzfus, President of the Pennsylvania Independent Consumers and Farmers Association will be the guest on Info Wars with Alex Jones today, Tuesday, January 13, 2009 at 3:00 pm Eastern time.

Jonas is a grass-based cattle rancher in Pennsylvania. He raises heritage breed beef cattle on his JuJu Acres farms. He is also the official spokesperson for Mennonite farmer, Mark Nolt, who is in trouble for turning in his permit to the state. Mark is protesting the intrusive and expensive regulations the state imposes on small family farms. He maintains he has the constitutional right to the pursuit of his trade.

He will be discussing the Manna Storehouse case, the Mark Nolt case, and other instances of over-the-top law enforcement against the sustainable farming community. You can tune in on the internet for the live streaming interview, at

Here’s a short clip from YouTube, just so you can get a taste:

Listen to the whole show today at 3pm ET here

Please listen! If they notice a spike in ratings, perhaps they will do more shows to help us get the word out for our sustainable farmers who really need our support!

I think you can tune in later in the day, too — I think they rebroadcast. And I think you can also just download the podcast to your iTunes.

Also, read the following post by Jonas Stoltzfus on the Info Wars site.

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