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Montrose dairy reopens 3 weeks after closure over raw milk concerns

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The Kinikin Corner Dairy in Montrose is back in business, three weeks after the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment closed it.

“Ninety-nine percent of our customers have stayed with us, and most of them have been absolutely 100 percent supportive,” Kinikin owner Scott Freeman said.

The dairy, 71502 R71 Road, reopened April 30. It was ordered closed April 7 after several people became sick from drinking raw milk from the dairy. The Health Department suspected people fell ill because the milk was not pasteurized. But Freeman said that was not proved.

“There has never been any positive determination in any of our milk samples,” Freeman said.

Freeman said the Health Department overreacted and acted without any scientific foundation to its claim the milk was making people ill.

The dairy offers customers shares in milk cows. For a one-time fee of $50, a person can buy a share. The cost of maintaining the cow is $35 a month and provides a family with a gallon of raw milk once a week, Freeman said.

He invites anyone with questions about drinking raw milk to call him at 240-4564 or 901-0753

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