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News for October 13, 2010

Why New Dispute Over Quality, Outsourcing at Rawesome Could Be Instructive for Private Food Buyers Everywhere

Nearly before the laughs about Rawesome Food Club generated by The Colbert Report last week died out, an internal dispute broke out at Rawesome over the quality and sourcing of some of its food.

The quality-sourcing issues aren't of the sort that would bother regulators, or nearly all the rest of the people in this country, but they are very near and dear to the hearts of Rawesome members. The issues were first raised publicly by Aajonus Vonderplanitz, one of Rawesome's founders, in an email to members last week, in which he claimed chickens and eggs being supplied from one of its contracted producers weren't organic, or free of soy and GMO feed as required. He said he had solid evidence that the "so-called pastured organic non-soy and non-GMO-fed chicken and eggs...are bought from standard commercial egg and meat suppliers that were not organic and not soy-free."

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War Story

Thursday, Sept. 2 Mark Gresge, owner/chef of L'etoile restaurant in Charlottesville, notified us that Pamela Burke, a Charlottesville City Health Inspector had been in and written up a critical hazard for using eggs from an "unapproved source." Interestingly, and in totally aberrant behavior, she did not confiscate the eggs on the spot--probably oversight more than charity.

This citation included not only the Polyface chicken eggs, but also the duck eggs from another local farmer. The citation included the remedy and cited code requirements that the eggs come from a source of B grade consumer-ready eggs as certified by the USDA. Never did it indicate the eggs were less than B grade. In fact, Polyface eggs far exceed B grade.

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Joe Bageant's Memoir: Story of White Underclass Crushed By the Economy and Ignored By the Mainstream

I don’t know where to start with Rainbow Pie, it’s a book of two sides, two faces even. On the one hand there’s Joe’s evocative, heartfelt nostalgia for a life destroyed by corporate capital and on the other, his anger and frustrations, rants on occasion, as if analyzing sets off an uncontrollable chain reaction to how capitalism destroys human beings and all in the name of free choice! It's a frustration many of us lefties feel, a sense of powerlessness made all the worse by the knowing.

Having read his first book 'Deerhunting with Jesus', I had already gotten a taste for his prose when it came to describing the community he grew up in, Winchester, Virginia on the edge of the Southern Appalachian mountains. His memories of life growing up in a small, rural community, essentially that of subsistence farming is really outstanding. Simple yet powerful.

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Soils and Souls: The Promise of the Land

Stop me if you’ve heard this one. A poet, an economist, and a biologist walk into a barn in Kansas and start talking. What do you get when you cross their ideas?

Answer: Hybrid vigor.

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