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News for December 14, 2010

Outgrowth of a Rampage: MN Gives an American Slant to the Notion of Collective Punishment

Now we're told the Minnesota Department of Agriculture agent with the beret seizing people's milk last Tuesday is a disabled veteran.

His name is Jim Roettger, and he's also the guy who signed the search warrant that allowed the seizure of milk, and threatened Roger Hartmann with a "citizen's arrest" if he tried to leave with his truck of milk before a search warrant was issued.

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Farm fresh milk adds rich touch to holiday foods

You wouldn't think that something so basic as milk could be controversial. However, milk has made a renegade out of me.

I have on occasion bought milk from a local farmer -- an act that is both venerable and verboten. The sale of raw, unprocessed, straight-from-the-farm milk is illegal in Canada. More specifically, it is illegal to sell milk that has not been pasteurised.

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Food Safety: Why Is the Food Safety Bill So Controversial?

The Food Safety Bill S510 has bounced around so much that people have had trouble keeping up with its current status. But the real question about the bill is not where it is now -- (in the Senate attached to an appropriations bill) but why certain groups hail it while others abhor it.

On the one hand, the bill's supporters argue that the bill is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to reign in the food giants, while on the other side, people fear that their gardens and seeds will be outlawed, and their raw food suppliers raided and shut down by Homeland Security. Grist reported that a recent FDA pathogen hunting raid on cheese producers came up empty handed.

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Controversial food bill on hold?

After two years of debates, lobbying, and campaigning by supporters and critics of $1.4 billion legislation that would create greater regulations around food safety, the Food Safety Modernization Act has stalled because of an error in the Senate.

Senator Richard Durbin (D-Ill.), introduced S.510 as part of a national strategy to better protect food by authorizing the Food and Drug Administration to increase inspections at food processing facilities and order mandatory recalls of contaminated foods.It would also set standards for imported foods.

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