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News for September 14, 2010

At Joel Salatin's Farm, "U.S.-Duh" May Be Replaced By "F-Duh", If "Food Safety" Legislation Passes...

Being led on a tour of Polyface Farm by owner Joel Salatin is a special experience. Not only is it entertaining (like hearing Salatin explain how his methods differ from those of "U.S.-Duh", as in USDA), but it's instructive (to learn that Polyface has achieved its lush pasture used by cows, pigs and chickens not only without artificial fertilizers, but without any plowing, ever).

I had the good fortune to join about 100 supporter of the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund on the tour he conducted Saturday for the organization's annual fundraising event at the farm in Swoop, VA. It was the second time I've taken the tour (here's my account of the first three years ago).

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Candidates' positions on raw milk, GM foods please organic farmers

More than 385 candidates for office in the primary and general election have been canvassed about raw milk regulations, genetically-modified organisms in food crops, and state-inspected poultry slaughterhouses.

Jack Kittredge, policy director of the Massachusetts Chapter of the Northeast Organic Farming Association, said this morning he's been pleasantly surprised with responses to date.

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The Egg Recall and Why Local Isn’t Necessarily Better

I’ve already written about food recalls a number of times, but the point about finding sustainable food is one that I find must be revisited often…because there are so many misconceptions going around about why simply avoiding one brand over another is not enough.

And I’ll also tell you why it’s really important to know your farmer and what practices he or she uses to raise the chickens that lay the eggs you are going to eat.

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High Fructose Corn Syrup to Get Rebranded as "Corn Sugar"

Any spin doctor will tell you that whenever a celebrity, company, or product gets a bad rep, there's only one thing to do: rebrand. The latest entity to try to spiff up its public image is high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). Or maybe I should say "corn sugar," the artist formerly known as HFCS.

The Corn Refiners Association recently petitioned the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), asking the agency to approve the name change. The Association tries to justify the switch on its sophisticated new Web site, "High fructose corn syrup is simply a kind of corn sugar that is handled by your body the same as sugar and honey," the site reads. "Many people do no even realize that HFCS is composed of the same simple sugars found in table sugar and honey — glucose and fructose — in virtually the same ratios."


What is white, frothy, and illegal to sell in B.C.?

Raw milk is illegal to sell in B.C., however 45 minutes south in Washington state it is sold legally. The Canada/U.S. border is being driven even further apart (at least in ideology) as the Lower Mainland's largest raw milk cooperative is being brought to court, again.

This Tuesday, September 14, the Fraser Health Authority will attempt to have Alice Jongerden, the dairy farmer for Home on the Range cooperative, found in contempt of court for “distributing raw milk for human consumption” after Judge Gropper issued a cease and desist on March 18th of this year.

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