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Copenhagen set for agriculture protests

By Sideways News

Protesters say the production of agro-fuels is increasing pressure on agricultural land.

A series of protests highlighting the relationship between intensive farming and environmental damage will be held in Copenhagen today, as climate talks continue.

Called Resistance is Ripe: Agriculture Action Day, the campaign is promoting sustainable farming and food production as the way forward for the agriculture industry.

The day, which has been organised in response to this week's United Nations Climate Change Conference, will see demonstrations take place at Havne parken by the Harbour Pool.

Participating in the protests are the UK's Urban Food Growers' Network and the Gardening and Permaculture Society Manchester, as well as a host of international environment and food production groups including the Climate Justice Action Network.

According to the Climate Justice Action Network, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) has failed to question the current models of consumption and production.

Instead of promoting small-scale farming, which the group says makes a positive contribution to the carbon balance of the planet, it claims UNFCCC is focused on agro-fuels and bio-plastics which put pressure on agricultural land.

"Sustainable local food production uses less energy, eliminates dependence on imported animal feedstuffs and retains carbon in the soil while increasing biodiversity," the group added.

Yesterday, the talks were suspended for five hours after the African group of nations at the conference refused to move forward until wealthy countries agreed to consider binding targets on cutting carbon emissions, although concessions have since put the talks back on track.

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