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News for November 15, 2010

At Weston A. Price Gathering, Grumbling Over Raw Milk, and Fears Over Government Raids; Michael Schmidt’s Crackdown; Rational Thinking from Academia?

Been pretty quiet the last few days here in blogsville. Almost feels like a holiday or, more likely, lots of people are attending the Weston A. Price Wise Traditions conference near Philadelphia.

Indeed, the attendance this year was up more than 20%, to about 1,500 from 1,200 last year. Pretty amazing, when you consider that we're in the midst of a recession, and the conference fees are not trivial ($400 for members, though the fee includes bountiful and delicious Weston A. Price-style meals). I can tell you from hard experience that rooms with refrigerators are at a premium at these conferences; this year, I had a choice: a room with a window or a refigerator, but not both. I chose the latter.

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S510 May Mean 10 Years in Prison for Farmers

There are many reasons to oppose S510, the so-called “Food Safety” bill that will come up in the Senate after the election.

It will do nothing to improve actual food safety, relying almost totally on burdensome paperwork. It will drive small farmers out of business, because they do not have the resources to comply with the crushing burden of meaningless paperwork that will be required.

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Dairy desperado goes west on raw-milk mission

There are two things you need to know about renegade farmer Michael Schmidt. The first is that he’s Canada’s foremost champion for “raw milk” and is no fan of pasteurization. Raw milk is better for you, he says – an assertion rejected by just about every health agency in the country.

The second thing is he’s on a hot streak. Since he won an Ontario court ruling upholding his right to distribute raw milk in a so-called “cow share,” he’s taken up the causes of similar operations across the country. Framing it as a battle over consumers’ right to choose (some people with digestive problems prefer unpasteurized, or raw, milk), he’s gleefully stepping in to save raw-milk producers from prosecution.

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Raw milk advocate withdraws support for Alta. co-op

A raw milk advocate who demonstrated at the Alberta Legislature on behalf of two Edmonton-area farmers, says he no longer supports them.

Michael Schmidt stood on the legislature steps Monday to support the right of dairy farmers Judith Johnson and Eric Pudlo to distribute raw milk.


Push for raw milk

IN AUSTRALIA, raw unpasteurised milk is regarded by regulatory authorities as a dangerous substance that can't be permitted into the food chain.

In Italy, and across much of Europe, the authorities are cautiously allowing liquid raw milk to make a reappearance (although it has long been allowed in cheese, a use also banned in Australia).

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Q&A with Michele Simon — activist, attorney, badass

It's always fun to talk with someone who has such a sense of purpose that she doesn't feel the need to make nice. Michele Simon is one of those people. Let me be clear: Simon, a public health attorney for the Marin Institute, and author of Appetite for Profit: How the Food Industry Undermines Our Health and How to Fight Back is a lovely individual -- friendly, thoughtful, and soft-spoken. But she's also totally unafraid to speak her mind, consistently skewering Coca-Cola, Kraft, and other companies she feels contribute to the poor health of our children, and our nation.

Recently Simon chatted with me about school food, social justice, and why we all need to get more involved with the politics of food.

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