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News for September 15, 2010

B.C. judge orders Alice Jongerden not to milk cows

Supporters and shareholders filled the courtroom in New Westminster, B.C. today to witness whether dairy farmer Alice Jongerden would be found in contempt of court for continuing to milk the cows owned by the Home on the Range milk cooperative.

The judge did not seem to take kindly to Ms. Jongerden having no legal counsel, to her attempts to submit evidence into the case, or to her request for cross-examination of the witness who had signed an affadavit against her. At one point he pointed directly at Ms. Jongerden and seemingly lost his temper, as he raised his voice and jabbed his finger in her direction.

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Does Raw Milk Do the Body Good?

Raw milk can be hard to find. Even if you live in one of about 30 states where you can legally buy and drink the stuff, you might still have to drive an hour to a farm or store that carries it. (It doesn't help that Whole Foods dropped its sale in four states, citing high insurance costs.) See, while raw milk advocates swear their drink is safe, health officials disagree. Both the Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warn about the potential for disease-causing germs in raw milk. Noted nutrition experts, too, like New York University professor Marion Nestle, say the jury's still out on the supposed health benefits. All the while, the popularity of raw milk continues to grow.

Case in point: For this past Saturday's talk at the Altadena Community Center in Altadena, Ca., Mark McAfee, the owner and founder of Fresno-based Organic Pastures—the first raw dairy with certified organic pasture land in California—brought 15 or so jugs of raw milk, thinking every attendee would be able to take one home. About 75 people showed up (and made a mad rush for the complimentary goodies at the end of the event). His hour-plus slide-show presentation touched on a number of subjects, including the origins of pasteurization, the benefits of breast-feeding, and the positive effects of drinking fresh, raw milk.

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Got Milk - Dairy family bypasses co-ops to sell products under own label

Availability of local food has increased dramatically. Produce, meat, cheese and eggs are all readily available at farmers markets. But milk, one of the most common grocery items, typically is not found at any farmers market.

But you can find local milk in Winston-Salem if you know where to look.

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Government food safety scientists report political, corporate interference

Scientists and inspectors at the federal agencies responsible for food safety say they face political and corporate interference with their work, according to a survey released Monday by the Union of Concerned Scientists, a nonpartisan advocate for unbiased science in government.

The survey suggests a continuation of problems that government scientists had complained about during the George W. Bush administration, despite Obama administration pledges not to let politics intrude on scientific conclusions. And it comes more than a year after the administration promised to issue new rules to protect scientific integrity.

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