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News for May 16, 2010

Boston Milk Party

Video from raw milk rally in Boston on May 10.


Disagreement over just what's in that glass of raw milk

The federal government and virtually all public health agencies oppose consumption of raw milk because it can carry dangerous bacteria such as E. coli 0157:H7, listeria and campylobacter. In March, 13 people in Michigan were sickened by campylobacter in an outbreak tied to raw milk sold at a northern Indiana farm.

But raw milk drinkers argue that they should be allowed to decide whether to take that risk.

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FDA Issues Warning Letter To Raw Milk Dairy Farmer

Cheesemakers, doctors, veterinarians and other opponents of legalizing raw milk sales in Wisconsin urged Gov. Jim Doyle on Friday to veto the bill, citing safety risks.

Doyle last month indicated he was likely to sign it into law, but this week began to back off those statements after being barraged with opposition to the plan. Doyle now says he needs more time to study the issue, and he hasn't decided what to do.

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School cafeterias to Michigan farmers: Let's make a deal on fresh food

Grand Rapids students eat about 20,000 meals every school day, and people preparing the food say they'd rather stack cafeteria trays with apples, cherries and other fresh produce from Michigan farms than from afar.

Area schools are joining districts across the state next week in offering menus filled with food from Michigan, with an eye on educating students -- and vendors, too.

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The White House Obesity Report: An Overview

This report, "Solving the Problem of Childhood Obesity Within A Generation," is a terrific summary of where we stand today on childhood obesity ("the challenge we face") and what to do about it. The report wants to reduce rates of child obesity to where they were before all this started.

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