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News for November 16, 2010

Is raw milk in Canada headed towards disaster? — Michael Schmidt

I just left the Wise Traditions Conference in Philadelphia and arrived at Prof. Heckmans house close to Ruttgers University.

Tomorrow I will have a chance to present a Canadian perspective to the whole Food Rights debate which rages across North America in various forms(GMO debate, corporate agriculture, regulations, and individual rights)

I left the conference with great doubts about the future of raw milk in Canada.

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Food-safety bill worries some small farms

All 65 of the free-range turkeys raised at White Gate Farm this year had their destinies decided weeks ago by the local families who reserved them for their main course this Thanksgiving.

But as feast day approaches, other customers will still be making their way by White Gate's gently sloping fields and pastures to its wooden farm stand for sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts, winter squash and Cornish hens raised organically on 100 acres off Upper Pattagansett Road in East Lyme.

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Food Fight: Will the Food Safety Modernization Act harm small farms or producers?

Word has it that debate and voting of the Food Safety Modernization Act will begin this Wednesday in the Senate. If passed, S. 510 will greatly expand the FDA's authority over both processed foods and fresh fruits and vegetables. Will it thus make all of us eaters less likely to get sick? Last week, our esteemed panelists agreed that it will, with some caveats. (For all installments in this Food Fight series, see box, upper right; full bios are here.)

But now we come to one of the most contentious questions surrounding the bill: At what cost? Meaning, are S. 510's measures so onerous to small farmers and producers as to put them out of business ... and thus limit the choices available to us eaters?

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Why Farmers Are Turning To Local Food

A just released Zagat survey found that 68 percent of restaurant goers say they prefer locally grown food.

Sixty percent of those would pay more for that food. That’s good news for the small, but increasing number of farmers and ranchers who grow products for local markets.





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